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If you are a snowmobile race enthusiast, the season kicks-off today as racers on the ISOC National Snocross circuit take to the track in Ironwood, MI. CLICK HERE FOR YOUR FULL ISOC WATCH GUIDE. (I’m particularly fond of ISOC continuing their Live Stream partnership with FloRacing, but this year you have the option for a monthly subscription for those of us who only use it to watch snowmobile racing.)

2024 ZR 600 R-SX

Team Arctic fans will see the 2024 R-SX in the familiar ProCross platform on track this season, and racers will experience improved durability and efficiency developments in the rear skidframe, which are direct influences from the 2024 ZR 600 R-XC in the all-new Catalyst platform.

In model year 2023, Team Arctic upgraded the R-SX 136 SLIDE-ACTION suspension with new shock and pull rod geometry to improve bottom-out resistance. These upgrades allowed the rider to feel in more control through demanding Snocross conditions.  

For model year 2024, Team Arctic took it steps further by introducing a revised rear suspension that pulls up geometry aspects from the race-proven CATALYST R-XC rear suspension.

In Zach’s first time racing the 2024 ZR 600 RXC CATALYST last season, and the platforms second time being raced, both sled and rider achieved victory in Naytahwaush in the Pro Open class. SEE HISTORY MAKING STORY HERE

One of the biggest aspects racers will notice and feel on the snocross racetrack for 2024 is the rearward movement of the rear arm in the chassis. This change allows them to turn without sacrificing power, making the rear arm more active and easier to fine tune. Additionally, improved track tension provides a more consistent response through travel. Racers will be able to charge through the rhythm sections faster, safer, and more controlled compared to any previous SX rear suspension. Team Arctic has also adjusted the shock valving for both front and rear shocks to complement the geometry change.

With this updated 2024 suspension, racers and teams will see durability improvements on rails and tracks. This design does a better job at keeping the track on the ground and reducing excess spin, which results in faster cornering speeds and hole shots. 


Shortly after the highly-anticipated 2024 ZR 600 R-XC Catalyst platform models started rolling off the Factory line at the beginning of December, Team Arctic pulled together a relatively impromptu Race School for those cross-country racers who were picking up their units at the Race Shop. While pulled together in a short time, the school was a big success. The first CorPowersports cross country race will take place January 6-7 in Brainerd.

High Performance Team engineer, Ben Langaas, took the lead to educate racers about all the changes of the all-new Catalyst platform, how it differed from their legacy ProCross models, and even tips on what to expect for set-ups.

One of my favorite parts of being involved with the early Team Arctic race schools, was seeing the long line of race haulers waiting to be loaded with their new buggies. (Team Arctic Race Manager, Mike Kloety, skillfully loads the trailers with the forklift.)

I’ve shared similar photos in the past, but one of my favorite parts about hanging out at the Team Arctic race shop is to see the racers names labeled on the crates. Pictured here is Re Wadena’s CorPowersports Pro Open or Pro Factory RXC.


  1. “Race schools that would have ended in the early 2000’s”
    Wow i thought these were still a thing. I must have been hiding under a rock the past 20 years.
    Be nice if Arctic could get someone back in the oval game.
    Last weekend’s race had near record turnout in numbers we haven’t seen in years proving that ovals are definitely alive and well. Besides some vintage cat entries, there was nothing Cat to speak of.

  2. Agree, Re is a great guy, always so excited about racing, snowmobiling, heck anything with life! and Brady his son is coming up! Re is my cousin Gooner’s boy “Waubun Steel” has been running to races since the 70’s! and having fun! thats what life is about!!

  3. Very obvious from the first round of Snocross that the outdated Procross chassis is way behind the other two manufacturers. And with Cat having the fewest entries in almost all classes, not a strong showing. Sad considering where AC once was in the snocross arena. Hopefully a new buggy and more riders in 2025.

    • Its been a sad scene since Textron fired the race department. Tucker knew what was coming and got out when the getting was good. AC had to make a special deal with ISOC/ISR because the production numbers for SX sleds is so tiny. If you look at the pics of the “new” rear skid, you’ll see they just added the rear arm brackets to last years sled, they didn’t even bother replacing existing bracket.

  4. stolen from snowmobile racing network:
    Manufacturers by the numbers per Final: ?
    8 – Ski-Doo
    5 – Polaris Snowmobiles
    2 – Arctic Cat – Snowmobiles
    8 – Ski-Doo
    4 – Polaris
    3 – Arctic Cat
    9 Ski-doo
    5 Polaris
    1 Cat
    8 Ski-Doo
    6 Polaris
    1 Cat

  5. Cross Country is where it’s at anyway. I stopped following snocross when Tucker retired. Herfindahl and Brown filled the void for me. And XC racing is way more relatable to fast trail riders than snocross will ever be. GO TEAM ARCTIC Cross Country !!!!


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