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Team Arctic Unleashed at Hay Days Grass Drags

Dylan Roes of D&D Racing & Arctic Cat wins again, at Hay Days 2015. Photo by

Press Release-


Victory in 10 of 19 Classes plus 23 Podium Finishes at the Premier Grass Drag Event

Billed as the official start of winter, the Sno-Baron’s Hay Days grass drags proved to be a lesson in frustration for anyone that faced Team Arctic’s drag racers. Claiming 10 wins (of 19 classes), 23 podium finishes and victory in the biggest classes, Team Arctic was untouchable.

As two of the most compelling classes of the weekend, Stock 800 and Outlaw Shootout also epitomized Team Arctic’s domination at Hay Days. In the Stock 800 class, Dylan Roes led a 1-2-3-4 Arctic Cat sweep to prove the power, light weight and efficiency of Arctic Cat 8000 series XF and M mountain models compared to the competition. The Outlaw Shootout offered a look at the fully modified 4-stroke side of the spectrum, but the results were the same with Walter Joy leading 1-2-3-4 Arctic Cat sweep of insanely fast XF9000 Turbos.

Jade Gilland wins Pro Stock 600 on Arctic Cat/Speedwerx sled. Photo by

The other Team Arctic racers who notched impressive victories included Will Ohara (who won two classes) Jade Gilland (Above, who’s win in Pro Stock 600 was with a Speedwerx-modified Arctic Cat 600 DSI engine), Dave Gallano, Kyle Shilts (below), Jason Owens, Jim Neuman and Joseph Strong.

Kyle Shilts wins 2015 Hay Days Grass Drags. Photo by

“Our amazing team of racers, tuners and crew members delivered an outstanding performance on drag racing’s biggest stage,” said Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager. “Dominating the Stock 800 final was particularly satisfying as everyone wants to know which brand’s 800 sled will come out on top. Our teams left no room for doubt that Arctic Cat is the one to beat!  

“Seeing the incredible modified Arctic Cat 4-stroke machines in the Outlaw and Lake Racer classes was equally impressive. It’s a great reward for the amount of time and resources those teams pour into those machines!” 

The success at Hay Days comes after a similarly dominant performance two weeks earlier at the Outlaw Drags in Princeton, Minn., where Team Arctic racers notched 14 wins.

“We greatly appreciate the effort and success shown by all the Team Arctic drag racers,” Kloety added. “They have already proved that Arctic Cat Wins More. Plus there are upcoming grass drag events where they’ll continue to lead the pack.”


Team Arctic Results from 2015 Sno-Baron’s Hay Days Grass Drags in North Branch, Minn..

Stock 800

1. Dylan Roes

2. Cory Carter

3. Kerry Drul

4. Scott Kostman


Outlaw Shootout

1. Walter Joy

2. Kelly Shilts

3. Dan Bickel

4. Kyle Shilts


Lake Racer Shootout

1. Dave Gallano

2. Kyle Shilts

3. Aaron Casler


ProMod 1000 Shootout

1. Will Ohara

3. Kyle Shilts

Promod 800 Shootout

2. Jeff Labelle


Improved Stock Turbo

1. Kyle Shilts

2. Dylan Roes


Improved Stock 800

3. Dylan Roes


Pro Stock 600

1. Jade Gilland


Pro Stock 700

1. Joseph Strong

2. Jim Neuman


Heavy Mod 600

3. Jade Gilland


Heavy Mod 800

1. Jim Neuman


Heavy Mod 1000

3. Will Ohara


Super Mod

1. Jason Owens



1. Will Ohara



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