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Team Arctic’s Brian Dick Wins I-500 XC

Brian Dick winning the I-500, photo by Jim Urquhart

Press Release –


Arctic Cat Racers Dominate by Winning 15 of 18 Classes


Thief River Falls, Minn. (Jan. 17, 2011) – Neither brutally-cold temperatures, record-breaking snow depth, nor the contagion of previous hard-luck could sway Brian Dick’s date with I-500 destiny. Piloting his Sno Pro 600 with unmatched speed and poise, Dick stamped his authority on the weather-shortened USCC Red Lake I-500 cross-country, leading a Team Arctic-sweep of the top-4 Pros and 15 of 18 class wins.

Dick set the fastest time on the first two (of three) days, ahead of his Arctic Cat/Christian Bros. Racing teammates Ryan Simons, Zach Pattyn and Cory Davis. Falling snow and 30 mph winds created near white-out conditions on the final day, forcing USCC officials to cancel the third leg. With a four-minute, 34-second lead over Simons, the reigning USCC Pro Champion claimed his first I-500 victory after a decade of near-misses.

“Brian has suffered multiple gut-wrenching losses in this race over the years,” said Team Arctic Race Manager, Mike Kloety. “To see him finally win brings great pride and satisfaction to his family, fans and even his fellow racers.”

Indeed, when officials announced they’d cancelled the third leg, a steady stream of racers waited to shake hands with Dick, an Arctic Cat engineer and one of the people instrumental in designing the Sno Pro race sled. First in line was his father, Paul, who has competed in more I-500 races than any other competitor (and who took fourth in this year’s event).

In addition to Dick’s wins in Pro 600 and Pro Open, Team Arctic racers won 13 other classes at the I-500.

Team Arctic's Ryan Greening

Ryan Greening turned in two blistering-fast times to win the Semi Pro Stock and Improved classes by nearly 14 minutes.

6-time I-500 winner Jolene Bute

Jolene Bute (left) continues to set cross-country records, taking her sixth career I-500 win in the Women’s class.














Team Arctic racers continue to dominate the 85-hp classes, with Tyler Johnsrud leading an Arctic Cat-sweep of the top-13 in Expert 85, and Jordan Holm leading a Cat-sweep of the top-five finishers in Trophy 85.

Joey Hallstrom wins first Vintage I-500

And in the first-ever I-500 Vintage class, Joey Hallstrom won ahead of former Team Arctic legend (and two-time I-500 winner) Brian Nelson, with Joey Potucek taking third, all three aboard 1979 Arctic Cat el tigre Cross-Country Cats.

“This year’s I-500 will long be remembered as one of the most difficult,” said Kloety, “With cold temperatures, snow dust and brutally-rough conditions from the deep snow. To win 15 of 18 classes reflects the determination of our racers and crews, and the commitment we’ve made to support cross-country racing.”


Team Arctic Race Results from USCC Red Lake I-500 Cross-Country


Pro 600

1. Brian Dick

2. Ryan Simons

3. Zach Pattyn

4. Cory Davis

Pro Open

1. Brian Dick

2. Ryan Simons

3. Zach Pattyn

4. Cory Davis

Semi Pro 600

1. Ryan Greening

Semi Pro Improved

1. Ryan Greening

Expert 85

1. Tyler Johnsrud

2. Arne Rantanen

3. Chris Sobeck

Expert 85 Improved

1. Tyler Johnsrud

2. Chris Sobeck

3. Jordan Torgerson

Vet 30-Plus

1. Brian Dick

Masters 40-plus

2. Jon Arneson

Trophy 85

1. Jordan Holm

2. Zach Thoma

3. Jim Bougalis


1. Chris Sobeck

2. Casey Clement

3. Brandon Gerszewski


1. Jolene Bute

3. Sasha Cook


1. Joey Hallstrom

2. Brian Nelson

3. Joey Potucek

Vintage Legends

1. Joey Hallstrom

2. Brian Nelson

Team 600

1. Team Sobeck

120 Stock

1. Berae Nelson

2. Sean Clement

3. Caleb Nymann

120 Improved

1. Sara Larson

2. Sean Clement

3. Berae Nelson



  1. Any word on what happened to Aaron Scheele and John Sandberg? I figured those two would have rounded out the top 4 with Nelson and Hallstrom 🙂

  2. Last I heard Scheele had moved up some 15 spots to 1st place in the vintage classes and was gunning for the semi-pro guys by time he made the first fuel stop! His fueling crew sure seemed pretty ecstatic to say the least. However I later heard on TRF radio that Aaron was having engine trouble before he made it to the second stop and had to call it a day. Not sure what happened to Sandberg though…


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