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Team Arctic’s Duluth 2013 Press Release

Team Arctic Cat racer Tucker Hibbert at Duluth snocross. Photo by

Press Release-


Tucker Hibbert Crushes Pro Open While Team Arctic Wins a Full Range of Classes

Tucker Hibbert delivered a historic performance in Duluth, Minn., leading a Team Arctic charge that dominated the first ISOC National Snocross race of the season and left the competition seeing green. The numbers tell the Team Arctic story at Duluth: Victory in nine of 15 finals; 22 of 45 podium places; and podium finishes in 13 of 15 classes.

“That was a remarkable performance that must rank among the very best in the 22-year history of the Duluth snocross opener,” said Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager. “Our teams and riders came prepared, practiced and piloting the 2014 Arctic Cat ZR6000R Sno Pro race sled. That’s a potent combination that made a powerful statement at Duluth, setting what we hope is a pattern for the rest of the season.”

Six different Team Arctic racers combined for the nine class victories to underline the team’s depth. Travis Kern and Tyler Adams each scored a win in the Sport finals while Jay Lura captured both Amateur class finals to highlight the stock Sno Pro’s strength in the all-important “foundation” classes of snocross. Likewise, Albin Lundqvist  Carson Alread delivered wins in the Junior 14-15 and Transition 8-12 classes aboard Arctic Cat Sno Pros.

Swedish snocross sensation Marica Renheim served notice that she’s the one to beat in the Pro Am Women class, delivering an emphatic win in the final for the powerful Christian Brothers Racing team.

Of all the success enjoyed by Team Arctic, it was Tucker Hibbert who produced the most remarkable performance of the weekend. In the first of two Pro Open finals, Hibbert lapped the entire field in what historians are calling the most dominant victory in the history of professional snocross racing. And he nearly did again in the second Pro Open final, lapping all the way up to third place.

“I’ve seen many dominant performances by Tucker and (former Team Arctic racer) Blair Morgan over the years, but I’ve never seen anything like that,” said Kloety. “And nearly as exciting for us is the strong return of Cody Thomsen, who took second place behind Tucker in the first final, as well as Logan Christian, who finished just off the box with a fourth and fifth for the weekend.”

Team Arctic snocross racers head to Bessemer, Mich., on Dec. 6, 2013, for the second round of the ISOC National tour.

Team Arctic's Tyler Adams won Sport #2. Photo by

Team Arctic Results from 2013 ISOC National Snocross in Duluth, Minn.

Pro Open #1

1. Tucker Hibbert

2. Cody Thomsen

4. Logan Christian


Pro Open #2

1. Tucker Hibbert


Pro Am Plus 30

3. Josh Zelinski


Pro Am Women

1. Marica Renheim


Sport #1

1. Travis Kern


Sport #2

1. Tyler Adams


Amateur #1

1. Jay Lura

3. Luke Hommerding


Amateur #2

1. Jay Lura

3. Cody Larson


Junior 16-17

2. Ryan Trout

3. Albin Lundqvist


Junior 14-15

1. Albin Lundqvist

2. Daniel Benham

3. Ryan Trout


Jr. Novice 10-13

2. Ryley Bester

3. Jesse Wichel


Transition 8-12

1. Carson Alread

2. Justin Hodge


Champ 120

2. Jack Polito

3. Matt LaMourea



  1. That was AWESOME to watch live online!! I want to see all three CATS on the podium in Bessemer next weekend!!! Logan & Cody are going to be tough competitors all year!! There is no one that can even challenge T-Train anymore!!! I hope they all stay healthy this season.

  2. It’s still early in the reason, but AC really dominated at this years season opener, especially T-Train. The other guys (Martin, Malinoski and Trmblay) were not even a factor in this weekends races. But the new young guns like Kamm, Broberg, Pallin, Thomsen, Christen, etc are the ones to watch.

  3. Amen to all the comments here. I think Tucker with consistent holeshots is bad news for everyone else. Maybe it was just me but it seemed like Cat (both open and stock classes) was getting to the first corner very, very well this year. I was impressed with holeshots and on the gas cornering ability with the Cats in the open class. The turn before the uphill was very interesting to watch right after they groomed the track. Thumbs up to Thomsen in the Amsoil Challenge Friday night too, knocking off Martin in Rd. 1.

  4. AC has the best looking sleds out there. Polaris has to change the look (getting outdated), Doo well they are close to AC and the 2 YammiCats I saw look great as well.

    Yamaha is testing their sleds in the early rounds of sno cross for the USXC series, so good luck to them. I was watching an old VHS video tape of the 1997/98 WSA Sno Cross series and comparing it from todays sleds, races, etc. The sleds/racers of today have come a long way from the late 90’s.

  5. You could put Tucker on his MOD from ’01, and he would still win. Nobody out there works hard enough to catch him when he is on his game, and from the A** whoopin’ he put on this weekend, it’s going to be a long season for everyone else.

    Congratulations to Team Arctic on a great weekend of racing.

  6. I’m puzzled. If the prtincedois are not the reason for motivating action, what is? Isn’t the entire program built on prtincedois of future disasters? Regarding “whiplash,” I’m not clear on the concept. Whiplash implies being snapped back and forth dramatically. The problem isn’t whiplash, it’s the “me-to-ism” that requires more and more extreme claims to get attention. This comes out of groupthink, and a confidence that no one will call you out as you leave reality. The only whiplash involved is in those rare times when the wacko claims are called out publicly and exposed to ridicule.


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