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Testing with Team Arctic

Check out this excellent video from Flying A Films of Team Arctic snocrossers and engineers testing the 2012 Arctic Cat Sno Pro sleds the week after the Duluth Spirit National Opener.

CLICK HERE for more Flying A Films.



  1. Sweet Vid! The Roger interview is classic! Love the sound of Eberts sled when it fires up! Its a true symphony of pistons! Go Team Green!

  2. This is a great vid. I bet Quadna is an exciting place to be when Team Arctic is in the house. I thought Flying A Films was going to be some reference to the old Arctic logo from the 1970s…I guess not!

  3. I like what Cat is doing in using the same procross chassis on the race sleds – but it may take some time to get them figured out. The other thing too is that Tucker will have some good competition this year. Team AC will have to work very hard to stay ahead and I wish them the very best in their efforts to do so.

  4. great chat with the team riders , love the sound of the sleds, the race trailer behind roger cool like the all green great head turner GO GREEN

  5. Cat was definetly making progress this weekend. There was a very noticeable improvement from Saturday to Sunday . Much better results for many of the Cat riders today. Hopefully the led will be dialed in for Ironwood.


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