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TGIF: The #44 Aug. 4, 2017 Edition

I’m thankful for Steve Houle, one of the most badass racers/tuners/engineers and personalities I’ve ever met.

I’m thankful his H82LUZ mindset made him a nationally ranked racer on 3-wheels long before he became a snowmobile racing hall-of-famer.

I’m thankful Steve’s company, Speedwerx, might in some small, tiny way, be influenced by the outstanding holeshots he usually got on three wheels.

I’m thankful for the next few days of relative tranquility (because once he catches wind that I posted this video, the payback could be hell).

And I’m thankful it’s Friday, Aug. 4, 2017 (aka: #44 on a 3-Wheeler Day)!



  1. great video. wish i could see a modern video of him to compare. i laugh at the comment about three wheelrs being safe.

  2. Nice Vid. Mr Houle was amazing. Brings back memories of our own little Honda race trikes. I see he ran a 200X. They were a nice trike. Racing ATC’s meant you had to pay attention 100+%. But you could say that about racing anything. Love the vintage safety gear. I wish more people wore safety gear today. Just my .02. Nice find!

  3. Great find, Sandman. I agree with fastf800 — the best line in there is at about 2:30: “three-wheelers seem extremely stable” with “extremely” punched up!


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