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TGIF: The Aug. 31, 2018 Suzuki Prowler Edition

Arctic Cat / Suzuki Prowler snowmobile

I’m thankful for the Arctic Cat Prowler (1990-1995, RIP).

I’m thankful for the nearly 4 decades of Suzuki engine power in Arctic Cat snowmobiles, and the strong connection that existed between the two companies.

I’m thankful for those dedicated few who couldn’t say goodbye to either the Prowler or Suzuki power.

And I’m thankful it’s Friday, Aug. 31, 2018.



  1. Nice fake clone. I’ve wanted to do something similar with ’71 Ski-Daddler XX graphics on an orange Fan Z570 for ages. Given the tie in where Daddler used Cat tracks and suspensions on their race sleds, it would be an alternate reality sled like this one, what if Cat had made Suzuki’s after 1975 model year or bought out Ski-Daddler when they shut the doors after 1972?


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