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TGIF: The Jan. 15, 2016 Edition

Sno-Pony and Sonic Challenger snowmobiles.

I’m thankful for the wild, chest-pounding days of yesteryear, when snowmobile manufactures built over-the-top speed machines to promote cute little consumer sleds that were barely fasters than today’s 120s.

I’m thankful that long before there were “SledNecks” decals on every 18-year-old’s truck, sled and bedroom mirror, there were “STP” decals on every truck, sled and bedroom mirror.

Seriously, I’m thankful when ANYONE builds a sled that looks like a rocketship.

And I’m thankful it’s Friday, Jan. 15, 2016.



  1. Based on their JETSONS marketing strategy with Bond ready to go — I am surprised SNO-PONY did not make the cut in the 60’s ?
    SNO-PONY ???

  2. Actually, that particular Sno-Pony was pretty fast until they were banned by the USSA. That “A” class Sno-Pony used twin Mcculloch mini mac chain saw engines. They only ever built a few of them but they kicked butt at the first couple of races in 71 before they were thrown out.

  3. There was one of those Mcculloch min mac chain saw Sno-Pony Race sleds up at Princeton for sale in the swap meet this last year. It was a pretty sad unit it. There was nothing there and the guy wanted $2000 for it. I got pictures of it because I sent them to a friend of mine. He collects Sno-Pony. His uncle use to be a Dealer down here in South Eastern Minnesota. He was up in the swap wondering around also. He had just seen it a few minutes before I did. He just laughed, When I saw a few minutes later after I had sent him the pictures and we were talking about it. I had read about them in a snowmobile magazine years ago. That was the first I had seen of one. First time he had seen of one also. So they are pretty rare. I don’t know if a guy could of restored it. There was nothing to go by really other then a Vin tag and that there were two small chain saw cases on it bolted together. How would a guy know what was on one? If you wanted to restore it correctly. Nothing to go by there were so few. Heck everyone that was involved in building one at the factory now would be 100 years old or more. I am sure not everyone was the same either. Maybe somebody will get it and restore it. Never know.


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