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TGIF: The July 25, 2014 Edition

TGIF: the plaid hunter's club of vintage snowmobilers

I’m thankful I bought the sled on the extra-early spring program, because we used the CatCash to buy matching jackets.

I’m thankful I opted for the touring model featuring the 4-up seat, tall windshield and fiberglass overload springs.

I’m thankful Hank brought his rifle and pistol.

And I’m thankful it’s Friday, July 25, 2014.



  1. I remember the slwwaols that used to frquent the back of our office buildings. There used to be alot of them but due to increased construction of buildings in the area, they have slowly disappeared. It’s amazing to see then thriving under the bridge:) [url=]jyczjelfno[/url] [link=]zutadwth[/link]

  2. We certainly haven’t coeeuqrnd it, but during evening prayers, I try to have everyone come up with something from the day they were grateful for. My sister taught me this years ago, saying that some days, the best she can come up with is being thankful for clean underwear, but its something! 🙂


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