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THIS Fast!

2017 Arctic Cat Thundercat is so fast that riders billow out the back.

How fast is the new Arctic Cat Thundercat?

This fast.



  1. That used to describe most AC sleds… but it certainly doesn’t describe the 2016 ZR 8000 El tigre’ sitting in my garage. Stupidly slow is more like it and I will keep pointing it out until AC tells me what I need to do to get the top end this sled should have come from the factory with.

  2. Hey Bulldog, your sled not fast enough for you ??? Trade the sucker off for that stupid fast T-Cat ! Use the picture for Christmas cards and everyone will think it’s you !! Sorry about your pooch sled.

  3. Hey Bulldog, maybe you just got a lemon – sort a speak. My ’14 ZR 8RR totally rocks and it’s stock except for a L2 can from Speedwerx. That T-Cat will kick some serious BUTT in the drags (ice) this winter.


  4. I dont think so Derek. Lots of other 16 owners complaining of the same lack of top end, not just me. Racekid – I would but I dont like the extra weight of the 4 strokes when riding the tight twisties. Loved the 800 HO until cat detuned it or F-ed the drive line up or put **** box clutching on it. They did something because they have gotten progressively slower since 2102 and aren’t even in the same league as a CFR 800 HO. Sad.

  5. Bulldog-change out your gearing for the 22/48 that came in earlier 800 models. The new Cats have all been significantly under geared for top speed. There 22/48 will take out that perceived “wall” at 95mph.


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