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Billet Goodness: Customization with Substance & Style

When it comes to customization, billet aluminum has a substanitive, enduring appeal.

That was the inspiration behind an array of new billet snowmobile accessories for 2017.

Each is cut from durable 6061-T651 billet aluminum and anodized either Black or Silver for a premium and tough finish. All items are made in the USA.


Billet Rack from Arctic Cat

The 8 x 13-in. Billet Rack features a low-profile design that fits a 2.5-gallon fuel can and mounts to the rear tunnel of most 2012 and newer Procross and Proclimb chassis sleds. The MSRP is $129.95 U.S./$199.95 Canada. The part number is 7639-399.


Billet Suspension Blocks from Arctic Cat

The Billet Suspension Blocks are resistant to damage while adjusting spring preload, and are sold in pairs. The MSRP is $69.95 U.S./$108.95 Canada. The part number is 7639-401.


Billet Gas Cap from Arctic Cat.

Billet Gas Cap (P/N 7639-405, $79.95 U.S./$123.95 Canada)


Billet Recoil Handle from Arctic Cat

Billet Recoil Handle (P/N 7639-407, $79.95 U.S./$123.95 Canada).


Billet Axle Washers from Arctic Cat

Billet Axle Washers add premium style by replacing the stock round steel washers on the suspension rails. The MSRP is $49.95 U.S./$77.95 Canada. The part number is 7639-409.

Get ’em at your local Arctic Cat dealer or HERE at the Arctic Cat online store.



  1. Get ready for the failures of the gas tank necks again because the baboons will overtighten them like they did with the ‘big’ caps and they’ll be ripping Cat.

  2. BS. The tanks were made about 12 miles from here. One of my riding partners spent about 30 years in injection plastic molding. Worked for a company that produced them for Cat and Polaris, it was a constant battle to get either company, especially Polaris to pony up the money to acquire and provide quality molds that placed adequate material at the necks of the tanks they wanted produced. All they want is cheap, cheap, cheap. It got to the point with one Polaris line they told them to come and pick up their garbage molds, they didn’t need the headaches.

  3. If he claims over tightening the cap caused the problems, you’re buddy is feeding you a line of crap. I’ve changed well over 100 of them personally, cant guess how many our shop has done, but several with 0 miles. I’ve never seen an 03 with the issue

  4. He built more than that per day, all to the specs that Polaris and Cat demanded. I guess you’re just a plastics and composites expert? I don’t think so.


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