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Trick or Treat? That is the Question

Arctic Cat Halloween advertisement

Trick or Treat?


Happy Halloween!

(Below images sent for our viewing pleasure.)


Arctic Cat Halloween Pumpkin

From Todd in Wisconsin.


Arctic Cat Halloween Pumpkin

Arctic Cat Halloween Pumpkin

Sno Pro Pumpkin carved by Bryce Johnson.


Arctic Enterprises Halloween Pumpkin

Arctic Enterprises Pumpkin from Steven LePinnet.

Thanks for the cool pumpkins!



  1. I enjoyed the nice touch, of the returning of the snowball against the front of the house. I can faintly remember apples used the same way, back in the 1970’s

  2. Ahh! I remember it like it was yesterday , the Great Halloween Storm and riding my 1990 Prowler til 3:00 AM! And it is still running great! Happy Halloween everyone!

  3. That was a great storm Dave, I’ll always remember that one too! My dad and I each arrived out in the shed simultaniously at about 4am to find two sleds that were able to start. We rode all over that morning before dawn even broke! Its not looking so promising for doing that this halloween; I’m thinking about taking my suit, boots and helmet off and going to bed. Call me if you wake up to 30 inches of snow in the morning, I’ll be right over.@@


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