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True Story? 1999 Arctic Cat Tigershark Commercial

An Arctic Cat Tigershark TV commercial from 1999.

Based on a true story? I hope so.



  1. Kinda looks like Dontego Deluxe, Donny Shetshark. That commercial was loosely based upon his body type & where he carried his money. I’m sure Gary & Tony had something to do with it.

  2. This ad was shot in a vacant building in the middle of winter. It’s amazing what props and film can do. They set up huge lights outside to make it appear like light sunlight. It had to be extra large because there was light snow falling. The poor actor had to bundle up between takes. The store took over a day to set up just for the few seconds shown in the ad. After the shoot we went to a bar next door with the ad agency, imagine that. Maybe that’s why I don’t remember tear down of the set.

    BTW My 39 year old body at that time didn’t look like that, but it sure does now! thanks ro the memories.


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