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Tucker to Compete at Summer X Games

Tucker Hibbert racing moto, photo by John Hanson

Hibbert Accepts Invitation to Compete at ESPN Winter X Games 16

Five-time ESPN Winter X Games Snocross gold medalist, Tucker Hibbert, officially accepted an invitation to compete in the Super X (Supercross) event at Summer X Games 16. Hibbert was chosen as a first round pick by a selection committee and will be one of sixteen riders from around the world to compete at the historic LA Coliseum the end of July.  It will be his first appearance at the Summer X Games but he’s no stranger to racing motorcycles. He entered his first motorcycle race a year prior to his first snowmobile race and has been competing in both disciplines at a professional level since 2000.

At only 15, Hibbert was catapulted to instant fame by becoming the youngest gold medalist in Winter X Games history as the sole semi-pro in an all-pro Snocross field. He went on to win three national championships and two more X Games medals before walking away from the national Snocross scene in 2003 to shift his focus to racing motorcycles. From 2004-2006, he raced the AMA Supercross and Motocross series’ full-time but continued to race one snowmobile event yearly, the Winter X Games. November of 2006, he returned to the national Snocross circuit and has continued to split his time between both sports. He now holds nine Winter X Games Snocross medals, four national championships, 55 national victories and was recently crowned the 2010 FIM Snowcross World Champion in Sweden. His motorcycle honors include four top-ten AMA Supercross finishes along with one heat race win and eight AMA Motocross top-15 finishes.

The last time Hibbert raced a Supercross event was May 2007. He has continued to practice but has not had the opportunity to compete again until now. He is currently building a Supercross track at his home and is focused on lining up at the Summer X Games as a front-runner. He excels under pressure and hopes his eleven years of Winter X Games experience will play to his advantage.

Hibbert will join an elite club of crossover athletes who have competed at both Winter and Summer X Games.  Stay posted to and the Tucker Hibbert Official Facebook Page for a behind-the-scenes look into his preparations for Summer X along with his complete summer racing schedule.

Tucker Hibbert – “I’m honored to get an invitation to race at the Summer X Games. It’s an incredible opportunity to compete at both Summer and Winter X. Only a handful of athletes have been able to accomplish that feat. The Winter X Games is always a first class event so I can’t wait to be a part of Summer X for the first time.

I feel like I’m ready for the challenge of competing against the world’s best Supercross riders but am nervous at the same time. I have a solid amount of Supercross experience and have been racing motorcycles since I was a kid. I’m confident that I can put together a competitive program and am determined to prove to the world that I’m worthy of this invitation.”



  1. Unfortunately Tucker’s strong suit in motorsports is NOT moto-x. I know I’m being selfish but I’d rather see him stay the full season on his sled and sweep the pro classes in sno-cross as opposed to finishing 15th on a bike. I know his passion is with moto x but he’s no Blair Morgan when it comes to racing motorcycles. Blair was multi-time Canadian moto x champion as well as sno cross champion. Speaking of Blair Morgan, I pray that he’s doing well in life……

  2. I’d like to see Tucker run a full snocross season also. You’d think that guys who dominate snocross would unbeatable at motocross, like Tucker and Blair Morgan. I wish him well.
    And about Blair Morgan, I’m surprised there isn’t any news or stories about him. He was a wonderful person on and off the track and deserves more attention. “Maybe he just wants to be left alone, but I doubt that…I think he can use some support from his friends and fans. …John

  3. Congratulations on the X-Games invite! You know, as much as I would like to see Tucker compete in an entire season of snocross, I sort of get a kick out of Tucker walking away from snocross after six or so races….It has to be somewhat of a head game with the other racers….I mean think about it….The best racer just left for the season…No more chances to try and beat him…..At the next race without the 68 in the mix, the racer standing on top of the podium has to be asking himself the “what if” question….

  4. Not to take anything away from Blair, but IF Tucker raced a full season of MotoX in Canada, I believe he could win championships like Blair. Pro MXers in Canada are good, but not U.S. good.

  5. Best of luck to Tucker at Summer X, I hope he can do all of us in the snowmobile community proud with a strong showing.

  6. Tucker has raced moto x in Canada and hasn’t done any better there than in the USA.

    Unfortunately for Arctic Cat (the snowmobile manufacturer) the other snowmobile manufacturers have ALL the bragging rights to the pro sno cross championships. We as Arctic Cat followers know better but a lot of people buying a new sled just happen to fall for the Polaris/Ski-Doo propaganda as being championship winning sleds as they do not follow racing.


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