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Tucker’s 2017 Lake Geneva Recap Video

The 2017 ISOC National snocross season concluded last weekend in Lake Geneva, Wis., where Team Monster/Arctic Cat’s Tucker Hibbert had another mixed bag of results.

In his words: “Winning the final Saturday night was awesome and I feel like I rode really well. With a crash Friday night and a third Sunday, I’m a little disappointed. I feel like my speed didn’t match my results.”

“It feels good to have won the most races. I felt really strong most of the season. I had some low points but, overall, it was a pretty successful year. It’s awesome to finish the season healthy and strong.”

When you’re used to winning everything, a 1st, 3rd and 10th must seem ho-hum.

Regardless, check out the vid!



  1. Team 68 is the best there is and probably will ever be. Not only racing but look how much time he spends with the fans. I’ve been at the races and other events and he always has time to talk and sign an autograph. Thanks Tucker!

    Sure we all wished he would have finished 1st like he always does but just watching Tucker is absolutely amazing! He did take the most wins this year. Based on that, and his other podiums, he should be the champion. ISOC has done everything they can to keep him out. I guess it worked this time. Championships should not be determined on qualifying rounds. Sorry for the rant.

    Most important is you came out healthy and strong.

  2. You are right Ken. Team #68/Speedwerx put all other teams to shame. No matter what ISOC threw at them, they always come out on top. I knew 68 has had a rough season this year, but it’s no fault of his or the team.

    All other snocross fans that I have talked with all agree that these rules that ISOC put in place for the past 2 seasons was just to keep Tucker from winning and claiming the title. They all got jealous that’s all. There will never be another Tucker Hibbert in this world and no one will ever be the best like #68 is.

  3. Tucker you are the best Sno- Cross racer that ever put their skis on the race track. Period end of discussion.


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