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Twenty Podiums for Team Arctic at Canterbury National Snocross Presented by Country Cat

Christian First Pro Podium of New Year, Yurk 3rd Pro Points, Frank, Pattyn, Johnson and Woodie Continue to Shine

Team Arctic racers left a packed Canterbury house at the Shakopee National Snocross with 20 podiums and momentum for Deadwood.  

#43 Logan Christian first Pro podium of New Year

Headlining the weekend, #43 Logan Christian, proved his determination, speed and consistency could get him on the podium during Sunday’s main event. With a strong holeshot, the Christian Brothers Racing Arctic Cat ZR6000R SX performed strongly as a smooth-looking Christian moved into second position by the fourth lap. A battle ensued behind Christian as Kyle Pallin eventually challenged Logan for the number two spot. Cheers roared from the Canterbury crowd as the pair of veteran Pro favorites put on a show as they swapped spots back and forth until the checkered flag waved.

L-R CBR Team DJ Ekre, Kellen Bjerke, Logan Christian, Betsy and Mike Carver

“It felt really good to get up on that podium and hear the excitement from all the Arctic Cat fans,” said Logan Christian. “This is a finish I needed, and our team needed. Moving forward, I’ll be gunning for the top of the podium. I’m looking forward to Deadwood in a couple weeks.”

“…Team Arctic was competitive in all classes.”

Team Arctic race manager, Mike Kloety said, “It was great to see all the racers come back from the Holidays ready to compete. Three days of racing at these levels really puts a strain on all the racers, teams and equipment, but all of the above proved Team Arctic was competitive in all classes. I’m proud of them.”

Raycer Frank continues to dominate the Sport Lite class

Other Team Arctic racers in the headlines are Pro rookie Jacob Yurk from Zandstra Motorsports. This young pro continues to show consistency and is currently ranked 3rd in Pro points. Zach Pattyn continues to take it to the Pro Am Plus 30 class and is leading in points. Keep an eye out for Raycer Frank in Sport Lite – There is a reason this young man is dominating with his speed and podium consistency. In the Junior and Transition classes, Tanner Johnson is an up-and-comer that continues to wow. And in the Pro Women’s class, Taven Woodie has a stranglehold on second place in points, but is getting faster every race and is nearing a top-of-the-podium breakthrough.

Team Arctic racing resumes for USXC January 18-19 at the Park Rapids Heartland 200 and January 24-25 for National Snocross at Deadwood in South Dakota.

Team Arctic Canterbury Results

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  1. Considering the amount of racers they have, they’re actually doing pretty well. I was at Canterbury this weekend and they’re right in there. Results don’t reflect it in upper classes, but they have young racers. Pretty impressive Yurk is third in Pro points as a rookie. Pake and Scheele will come around too in Pro Lite. Again, Rookies. Poirer is fun to watch and also Raycer Frank. All up-and-comers.

  2. Congrats to all Team Arctic racers, what’s left of em. I see the AC sleds a little slow compared to the Doo n Poo boys. This is a Doo show this year, I am ashamed of what Cat is doing to its racers. Doo n Poo have tweaked their engines, clutching, etc. But AC is using left over non-current SX sleds, man talk being beat up eh! But I am still a loyal Cat fan.

  3. I disagree. Even though Cat is using non-current SX sleds they are still very competitive otherwise you would not see any Cats on the podium. To me it comes down to the driver and team. Remember the Tucker Hibbert days? I see a lot of potential in many Cat drivers. Really impressed with Jacob Yurk, Taven Woodie, Raycer Frank and Tanner Johnson. Logan is also starting to come up front.

    Take a look at some of the last year Cat drivers that switched. They are not doing so good now. They need to be back on Cats.

    Even though there are less Cats in the line up I am really pumped about the current Cat drivers and teams. Congrats to all Cat drivers and teams!

  4. Well said Ken. Heck, if be a lot more worried about these results if I were Poo than I am as a Cat guy. They picked up more riders and are putting fewer on the podium than cat is. No secret doo has a deep team and is dumping cash into them. They had the most rider depth last year. Threw more money at it this year. Yet for the most part, those who changed brands got slower. And how about cross country. Where’s doo there? That venue is a whole lot closer to the lakes, ditches, trails, and hills we actually ride and cat sweeps the first round. Not bad for our “old” outdated chassis. 2 different motors on the podium in that old girl. Must be doin something right Lol. Good job guys and gals!

  5. I usually follow freestyle but in snocross Logan Christian is my favorite racer. He’s the guy to watch. He keeps workin his way farther up the standings for a decade now


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