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Victories Across America for Team Arctic

Kyle Pallin and the Factory Cat Crew were all smiles

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Major Wins in Snocross, Enduro and Hillclimb

Thief River Falls, Minn. (Feb. 10, 2010) – For Team Arctic it was a transcendent – and Transamerica – winning weekend for Team Arctic, with six snocross wins in the Empire State and eight hillclimb wins in the Rockies and the Soo 500 Enduro victory in Michigan.

“That was one of the best weekends of racing in our team’s history,” said manager Mike Kloety. “Fifteen major wins in three disciplines and spread across North America proves the depth of our Team; the quality of our racers, crews and sponsors; and the performance of our snowmobiles.”

Team Arctic took control of the ISOC National in Farmington, NY (which also served as a RMR Regional race), with six major wins and multiple podium finishes. As he has done throughout his career, Tucker Hibbert dominated the Pro ranks with career wins number 54 and 55. This was the last snocross race of the season for Hibbert, and he leaves with a commanding lead in both championship points.

With final appearances and high finishes in New York by other Team Arctic Pros like Dan Ebert, Ryan Simons, Cory Davis and Garth Kaufman, the stage is set for some new names atop the podium for the rest of the season.

The most emotional win of the New York weekend was scored by Factory Team Arctic’s Kyle Pallin, who took his first Semi Pro victory this season by combining excellent starts and technical savvy. His Factory teammate Cody Thomsen nailed another win in the Semi Pro Open class, making for an enthusiast celebration for the entire team.

A dedicated corps of Team Arctic racers made a huge impact in the RMR Regional races that ran in conjunction with the ISOC National, with victories by Nick Pattyn and Tyler Adams highlighting the effort.


On the other side of the snowbelt, Team Arctic hillclimbers ascended the RMSHA Bear Lake race in Montpelier, Idaho to notch seven class victories and the Pro Mod King title.

With six class wins recorded on the Arctic Cat M8 HCR, Bear Lake proved a stunning display of what happens when the best racers aim the most potent sleds at the top of the mountain.

“The Team Arctic hillclimbers are the class of the field,” said Team Arctic Coordinator, Al Shimpa. “Six different racers won their class, and nearly 20 others finished on the podium.”

Topping the weekend off was the incredible win at the Soo International 500 enduro by Cadarette Racing’s Troy Dewald and Jeff Leuenberger. Despite racing with broken bones, this dynamic duo made history as the first Arctic Cat team to conquer this monument of snowmobile competition.

“Winning the Soo is a monumental achievement,” said Kloety. “That team and those drivers were simply incredible.

“Much of the winning success this weekend (and all season) is the result of the incredible work and products offered by Factory Team Arctic Sponsor Speedwerx. From modified motor packages to expert clutch calibration, Speedwerx has played an important role in nearly every win this season.”

The next ISOC National snocross race for Team Arctic is Feb. 12-14 in Salem, NH, while the next RMSHA hillclimb is Feb. 20-21 in Afton, Wyoming.

Team Arctic Race Results from ISOC/RMR Snocross in Farmington, NY


Pro Open

1. Tucker Hibbert

Pro Stock

1. Tucker Hibbert

Semi Pro Open

1. Cody Thomsen

Semi Pro Stock #2

1. Kyle Pallin

3. Logan Christian

Semi Pro Stock #1

3. Kyle Pallin

RMR Semi Pro Stock

1. Nick Pattyn

RMR Semi Pro Open

2. Nick Pattyn

RMR Sport 500 Stock

3. Marshall Himes

RMR Plus 25

2. Josh Gessinger

RMR Plus 35

2. Rob Sapp

RMR Jr. 10-13

1. Tyler Adams

RMR Jr. 14-15

2. Hunter Nelson

RMR Jr. 14-17

3. Connor Roscoe

RMR Jr. 16-17

3. Nick Zielinski


Team Arctic Race Results from the RMSHA Bear Lake Hillclimb


600 Stock

2. Chance Buckallew

3. Tony Zollinger

600 Improved

1. Sid Archibald

2. Chance Buckallew

3. Mike Zollinger

600 Mod

2. Nels Tapio

700 Stock

2. Rob Kincaid

700 Improved

2. Chance Buckallew

3. Rob Kincaid

800 Stock

2. David McClure

800 Mod

2. Kyle Tapio

1000 Stock

2. Chance Buckallew

1000 Improved

3. Nick Zollinger

Open Mod

1. Kyle Tapio

Pro Masters Stock

1. Todd Tupper

3. Tony Ottobre

Pro Masters Improved

1. Tony Ottobre

Women’s Stock

1. Christy Frisby

3. Jan Ottobre

Women’s Improved

1. Christy Frisby

2. Jan Ottobre

3. Amy Zollinger

Women’s Mod

1. Amy Zollinger

2. Christy Frisby

3. Jan Ottobre

Semi Pro Stock

3. Landon Archibald

Semi Pro Improved

3. Justin Sampson

Semi Pro Mod

3. Kyle Heap


2. Trace Tupper

3. Taylor Siemers

Pro Mod King: Kyle Tapio




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