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I gathered some of the great video content created by the snowmobile media discussing the all-new CATALYST platform, 858 Engine, Garmin G8 Gauge and more. Seek out and support these channels. I thought you’d enjoy seeing them in one place! Have a great weekend! – Kale

Ryan Harris at SnoWest does a great job with their SnoWest Show podcast. Here he interviews Arctic Cat’s Troy Halvorson, Andy Beavis and Philip Jhant at the 2023 Hay Days event.
Have you checked out the SnowTrax TV Youtube channel? You should. Above and Below, Luke Lester does a great job giving the highlights of the new 858 engine and G8 Garmin Gauge display.
My Ol’ pal, Jeff Fischer, from Sledhead 24/7 takes everyone inside Arctic Cat’s engine manufacturing facility in St. Cloud, MN and gives us the lowdown on the 858 and Garmin Display.
Country Cat has been a long time supporter of ArcticInsider and did a phenomenal job with this 2023 Hay Days recap video capturing everything Arctic Cat during the weekend event. Check out their YouTube and Social media pages for some great content.
As soon as the new 858 was unveiled at Hay Days, Arctic Cat shared this quick marketing video. Im hoping they create a Deep Dive video on this and the Garmin Display, like they did last season with the CATALYST platform and its components.
Here’s a look at one of those Arctic Cat Deep Dive videos discussing the 600 C-TEC2 engine with Jeremy Mammen of the engine development group.


  1. Can’t wait to see real world testing on this engine, sure sounds like a performer. Kale, will you be doing any factory updates when the Catalyst sleds hit the assembly line?

  2. Was interesting to hear that the 858 was the intended engine in the catalyst, but supply chain issues delayed the engine so they decided to switch gears and make the 600 fit into it in order to put catalyst out for my24.

  3. The fact that they modified the current 600 to fit the Catalyst chassis leads me to believe there will be a 658 motor coming for 2026 if the 858 is a big hit.

  4. 858 uses the same bore as the 800:
    The new bottom end (75.6 mm stroke), combined with the current 600 bore (73.8) would give them a 646 (technically 646.78)
    Just for fun:
    74.3 would give 656 cc
    74.44 mm bore would be 658 cc
    74.9 mm bore is 666 cc

    F7 was 698 cc, if they want to bring it back they could use:
    76.66mm bore 697.88 cc
    76.76 mm bore 699.7 cc
    76.78 mm bore 700.07 cc

  5. Interesting review of the 2024 600 Catalyst by Supertrax magazine.

    Seems like they are slightly walking back their earlier ultra-exuberant observations of the new chassis, now saying it might be as good as the Polaris Matryx chassis (vs the 2nd coming of the snowmobile), and calling the rear skid “long in the tooth” and inferior to Ski Doo’s rMotion skid.

    Will be interesting to see more in-depth side-by-side comparos as the season progresses.

  6. Other than the fact that he holds the Matryx platform in high regards, and the Matryx platform is Polaris.
    I think the consensus in the industry is that the Ski Doo rMotion rear suspension is the best overall between the “Big 3”.
    Once upon a time (1990’s), Mark and Luke Lester thought that Cat was the best sled out there.


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