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Vintage Decals, Vintage (and Modern) Cross-Country Race

Vintage snowmobile decals from the Winnipeg I-500

A few weeks ago I received a batch of repro decals — iconic versions from the orignal Winnipeg I-500 cross-country — from Steve Dahlen of St. Hilaire, Minn. (first town south of Thief River Falls on Hwy 32).

Steve made my day for two reasons: the amazing decals; and the more concrete news that of a St. Hilaire-area cross-country race this winter for two classes of vintage sleds, plus the Sno Pro 500 racer.

The 10 to 11-mile course will consist of classic cross-country terrain: ditch and river.

Details are still in play at this point, but the plan is for a 1974-older class that will run a single lap, followed by a 1984-older class that will go 4-5 laps of the same course.

Later in the day, a 85-hp class will see modern Sno Pro 500s (and perhaps Yamaha Phazers) go enough laps to get tired, but not so many to require a fuel stop.

Dahlen himself is a longtime racer, tuner and race-maker. He was one of the original guys behind the Pine Lake (Minn.) cross-country, has tuned xc sleds for a few people over the years, and is now into vintage. So he’s got the resume of experience to pull off a fun-size-fits-all “local” cross-country in the heartland of such events.

Feb. 4 is the proposed date of the event. I’ll definitely post more info here when the details are fully sorted.

For now, enjoy the following decals that will grace my sled this season (thanks Steve!).

Vintage snowmobile decals from the Winnipeg I-500

I’m definitely going to run with the rabbit this season.


Vintage snowmobile decals from the Winnipeg I-500

And I’ll be running leaded premium that I purchase at the local Standard Station.


Vintage snowmobile decals from the Winnipeg I-500

A fresh pair of BRES plugs for every race.


Vintage snowmobile decals from the Winnipeg I-500

And a cool Hamm’s to celebrate upon seeing the finish line.



  1. Just got a note from Steve Dahlen that might interest those of you who want to buy some of these decals for yourselves:

    Contact Sandahl sign (218-681-2385) for the Standard, NGK, Union Carbide/Rabbit, Vintage Numbers, or Universal Screenprint (218-681-5486) for the Hamms Bear and Lemans Oil decals.

  2. I can smell the racing already. Oh that’s the klotz I put in the snow blower just in case.
    It still smells like racing though. Cool stickers reminds me of when I was a kid in awe of the racers and their machines in northern Wisconsin. Cool stuff….

  3. John speaking of decals were are the Arctic Insider decals and the gift pack you were going to send? Did you forget?
    Chad Steen

  4. John,
    Got the Decals in the mail today THANKS!!!!!!. How about a story? As I bleed green or purple depending on the day….. LOL I will pull the tarp off Larry’s ’76 250Z and the 793 King Kat as well as show you my vast collection of Arctic Cat Items!!! Hell I will give you the “pick of the litter” of 2 items from my collection for your time. Sleds not included!!!!!! I was thinking more like a MINT “Beat the Cat Board Game” or a remote controled “Team Arctic Pickup” or a 1971 Roll and go “Panther” Toy?


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