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How Do You Say “I Love Arctic Cat” in Swedish?

Swedish Arctic Cat fans

How do you say, “I Love Arctic Cat” in Swedish?

I don’t know either. But Mikael Yngvesson, who owns one of the oldest Arctic Cat dealerships in Sweden, sent a photo of two customers that tells a universal story, and (sort-of) answers the question.

I didn’t catch the name of these two, but I do know that they just bought a 2012 Arctic Cat M1100 Turbo in 50th Anniversary livery, plus a F800 Limited.

And here’s one way to say, “I Love Arctic Cat” in language anyone can understand:

Arctic Cat tattoo



  1. Her få du “I love Arctic Cat” i alle forskellige skandinavisk sprak.

    norsk: Jeg elsker Arctic Cat
    svensk: Jag älskar Arctic Cat
    dansk: Jeg elsker Arctic Cat
    islansk: Ég elska Arctic Cat

  2. I think Stephen might be trying to pass off Norwegian as Swedish?

    I’m half for the former, 25% the latter and, sadly, don’t know either language.

  3. Well for me, folks, it’s a toss-up between my Artic-Cat and a
    cuddly nice Red Panda. Letting you guys know that the runner-up
    in my book might be a Snow Leopard, a Siberian Husky aka a Malamut? They have all kinds of fur- so as to manage well across the Tundra-
    But, unfortunately, unfor/tuna/telly for us ALL the glacier is guaranteed another-shelved-kind of STORY 🙁 Look on the “bright” side: Snow bunnies are really, really cute, ya’ know. YUP 🙂 Resembling- Wynken, Blynken and Nod…they say might have sailed off in a wooden shoe aka Clogs 😮 So, be very careful NOT to mention old ski-nose. Super!!!


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