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Warning: Be Careful When Jumping Personal Watercraft

This video is a great reminder to be careful when jumping personal watercraft.

By the way, I’d bet that no mention was made of this little incident when the throttle jockey returned the rentals.



  1. I remember when the watercraft test guys were launching Tigersharks over the main plant entrances when the driveway culverts plugged and flooded.

    Just scroll about halfway down. The models don’t look right to be the ones that Joey and Kirk are riding, but you get the jest. I want to say it was either Chuck Simmonson and Ken Safranski or Mike Konickson. Been too many years to remember.

  2. Jet skis don’t have brakes. So everything you do have to be looking 100’s of feet ahead. I had 2000 GP1200R it was almost a 70 mph boat stock. Things on the water come up fast. Then you add no brakes on top of it. I see where that can happen. A rookie not knowing what he was doing. Then having someone on back just plan retarded.

  3. Good thing the one chick saw them coming and could run out of the way. I hope the person on back of the other one was okay. I wouldn’t be surprised if the operator of the other jet-ski had been drinking. Either that or they had no business riding it.

    That was a long way to fall out of the air!


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