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Watch and Listen to Tucker’s X Games Prep

Man I love listening to a Pro Open sled, especially when it’s being ripped around a track by the fastest snocrosser in the world.



  1. You can read between the lines from some of the racers comments who competed at this years XGames event. They are basically saying that the track design SUCKED big time. A 120cc track design which was very narrow and no passing lanes, etc. only 18 second lap times, so who ever had the holeshot was basically the winner.

    ISOC/AMSOIL should have designed the track and officiated the race event. BAD BAD by X Games designers. Even though I was not physically at the race, from what I was able to see on line, is that the racers where basically playing Follow The Leader, sort of speak and could not do anything else. Design a sno cross track that helps the sport and is good for the racers and fans. A lot of good racers did not make the final because of the track layout and only 8 in the final, no LCQ whatsoever, come one.

    I am not ragging because Tucker didn’t claim his 10th, I am just telling you what I saw and was reading. Next time, invite the 120 class kids if X Games gonna design a track like that. It should be an ISOC sanctioned event with same rules, etc but no points allocated.

  2. Also to the above noted comments; there was no Ross Martin, Logan Christrian, Kody Kamm, Cory Watinkson, Brett Turcotte or Corin Todd and Kyle Pallin in the final event? Now too me this is not an xgames event with some of the biggest names missing from the final. Now I know about the qualifying heats, etc but come on.

    Very bad on the X Games organizers for designing a poor track and poor races in terms of qualifying heats, etc.


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