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Where to See the 2015 Arctic Cat Snowmobiles

2015 Arctic Cat snowmobiles

In a change-up to the traditional spring Sneak Peek show schedule, Arctic Cat is throwing a different pitch for seeing the 2015 snowmobiles.

For starters, your local Arctic Cat dealer probably has three 2015 models on display (and perhaps even for demo riding).

All Arctic Cat snowmobile dealers who attended the recent Dealer Show received three production 2015 models. The three machines are a mix of machines popular in the dealer’s area, and could include 6000, 7000 and 8000-Series engines in ZR, XF and M configurations.

I’ve heard reports of several dealers offering demo rides on their 2015s, which is pretty cool. A call to your dealer will confirm which models they received.

In addition to the dealer sleds, Arctic Cat will bring the majority of its 2015 line to five late-season events, beginning with upcoming Snodeo in Colebrook, NH, and the Snofest in Old Forge, NY (see below).

2015 Arctic Cat snowmobile spring show schedule



  1. I want to ride the new 4000 so I can tell if selling my 500SnoPro was the right move. Hoping Cat will have one at the Old Forge show in a week. I’m going with that hope at least…..
    I know you’ve ridden one or two John, and I’m looking forward to reading your ride report. With any luck, the 4000 will be as great of a sled as the 500SP has been. If it isn’t, well, I’ll sell it and but another 500SP and keep it.

  2. Glad to hear select sleds will be at the dealers. Id rather swing a leg over than look at a show. Good idea Cat! Im interested in riding the XF6000.

  3. What HAPPENED TO THE SNEAK PEEK SHOWS, no offense, 2 or 3 sleds at your dealer doesn’t cut it. Again very disappointing , been a diehard Cat fan, and no more sneak peek? Not good, first no 800 Ctec-2, and now limited showing, come on guys get with the program!

  4. FYI: We have our 2015 XF 6000 Sno Pro and our 2015 ZR 5000 LXR available at times to look at and possibly ride. Also have our 2014 ZR 7000 Sno Pro, 2014 ZR 8000 Sno Pro LTD, 2014 XF 9000 Sno Pro LTD and our 2014 Bearcat Z1 XT LTD available for a ride at times too. We are about one hour north of Minneapolis MN. Absolutely must contact us in advance to see what may be here on any given day, and, to see if a demo ride can be offered to you. Also have our 2015 ZR 7000 Sno Pro and 2015 XF 9000 Sno Pro LTD here on display and/or available for immediate purchase if you wish. Thomas Sno Sports, Ogilvie MN. 320 556 3467

  5. Love the Insider web site!

    It is disappointing to not have a Michigan Sneak Peak Show!
    Michigan has the largest amount of registered snowmobiles in the country and no Sneak Peak???!!! I think the all the Cat Dealers need this shot in the arm from the factory sales and marketing!!!!

  6. I’m hoping, like last year, they announce demo rides in Minnesota. Last year they came up on relatively short notice because of the lingering winter. Winter definitely looks to be lingering again this year. I believe the local ones were announced like the third week in March. I’d like to ride the 4000 for sure.

  7. Wouldn’t Cat be giving the dealers a “Shot in the Arm” by directing consumers to their dealerships to see/demo the 2015s? Like I said before, I like the idea.

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  9. Very disappointed that arcticcat couldn’t come to winnipeg for the sneak peak show. Sure don’t look good for business.


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