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Tucker Hibbert’s 2014 Mt. Pleasant Snocross Recap

Tucker Hibbert swept another weekend of ISOC competition, this time in Mt. Pleasant, Michigan.

This time his efforts won a bet that will force two of his crew to get mullet cuts.

That’s not on the video, but other cool highlights are.



  1. I will be in Glyndon to see the mullets first hand!
    I hope people are taking notice of what an exceptional season this is for Tucker and his team, truly a season of a life time!

  2. Awesome race!! it was cool to see Tucker give Kamm a nice little tap in the final!! You should have seen the reaction from the poo fans!! too funny…Um don’t you folks remember deadwood?? Congrats to team #68 on a banner season!!

  3. The way Kamm was riding in that final I knew it was a matter of time before he dumped it, to sloppy and a couple fast laps won’t win the race. Goes to show how smooth Tucker really is. Really nice to see Cody Thompsen riding well again too, about time there was multiple Cats on the podium again! Hopefully in Glyndon next weekend it will be Tucker-Logan-Cody in the podium spots!

  4. All the years watching #68 this could be the best year. His ridding is on a whole another level that no one can touch its sick. Keep up the hard work #68

  5. I didn’t get a chance to watch Satursday final, but from what I was reading I take it that the racing was awesome again. Glad to see Kody get what he had coming to him. This season is the best year the #68 Team has been racing.



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