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Winter Blows into Thief River Falls and Arctic Cat

Snow on Arctic Cat in Thief River Falls, Nov. 19, 2015. Photo by Mandi Hibbert.

Snow on Arctic Cat in Thief River Falls, Nov. 19, 2015. Photo by Mandi Hibbert.

Winter announced itself at Arctic Cat in Thief River Falls, yesterday, blowing in with forceful winds that brought plunging temperatures and the greatest of all dessert toppings: SNOW!

The scene in TRF complements the images and reports of accumulating snow in the Rockies and Alaska that have dumped into my inbox and social media news feeds the past weeks to trigger excitement (and envy) in the Sandberg Command Center.

Seeing Arctic Cat covered in snow is ALMOST as good as it gets (the best snow is the stuff that dumps on my house and where I live).

Winter is coming to the rest of us. I can feel it.

(Special thanks to Mandi “Photographer to the Stars” Hibbert for taking and sending these shots.)



  1. Nice!! no mosquitos, no humidity, no tourists, no wood ticks… yeah, thats 4 more reasons why I like winter! “Summer was created so we can get ready for the next winter!” I am sure that many will not agree with me, but thats OK.. I like it.. hopefully this will help the guys in Duluth for Thanksgiving weekend! dont want to miss that!

  2. yup, we got dumped on pretty good also yesterday, 10-15 cm or 4″-6″
    up here near winnipeg, Manitoba
    only about 2.5 hours north of TRF
    put a whopping 6 miles on the ole 96 tcat.
    but well worth dragging it out of the shop!
    keep it comin mother nature!
    let it snow!

  3. First snow hitting southern wi tonight. Maybe 10 to 12 inches total.
    F8 RR is ready to go for a spin down the road tomorrow morning.
    Maybe take my F7 snow pro for a quick road ride as well.


  4. I’m with Dave. Do not like spring or summer at all. Fall is Ok because I love the hunting and ATVing in the woods during this time. But I live for winter. Nothing beats riding through the woods on a snowmobile. Especially on an Arctic Cat. I’ve road in -35 to +40 and always have a smile on under my helmet. Glad some of you are getting snow. Sure wish we would get some soon here in central MN. If not will be trailering again like last year.

    Thank you Mandi for taking those awesome photos. Will be watching Team Tucker win again this year. Be safe.

  5. Dave, I am sure glad you said that! Makes me feel more normal. I thought I was the only one who thought that way. Winter can’t get here soon enough.


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