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A Look Back at Arctic Cat in 1972

“Making snowmobiles ranks right up there with sex.”

Yep, that’s just one of the excellent quotes from this sweet 1972 short film about building Arctic Cat snowmobiles in Thief River Falls.

Special thanks to the amazing archival efforts at BossCatLegacy.



  1. I remember sitting in my dad’s showroom after school watching this movie over and over and over……..I wish we still had them, now. Thanks to Boss Cat, these old movies are getting a second life.

  2. Getting to the drop video: Actually for it’s limited by today’s standards travel and slow by today’s standard top speed of about 60mph, a well set up 1972 Panther long track with the slider skid actually rides pretty good on groomed trails and while breaking trail. I used to let the bogie wheel vintage guys ride mine at shows. Mine was dialed in like we used to when I was in junior high and they were new. The bogie guys almost always came back with a smile on their face, even if they were only doing it at 25mph. The usual comment was: “Pretty obvious why the slide rail took over.” “Wait, this thing was built in 1971, and you can tune it for spring preload front verses rear and gain ski pressure or add more weight transfer to the back for traction?!” Yep. You can’t drop it off a cliff, but for vintage rides if you take the time to set it up right you can understand why they sold several thousand a year and everyone was trying to beat that design back in 1971.


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