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World Champions Jim Dimmerman and The Phantom Return to Eagle River

Watch this awesome video of the 1984 World Champion duo Jim Dimmerman and the Phantom Sno Pro during the Friday Night Thunder portion of the 50th Anniversary of the Eagle River Derby.

Look for another video soon that highlights the Sunday ceremony.

Congrats to Dimmerman and the Nielsen crew!



  1. If you were not there… I dont think the comment in the previous story below was stressed – it really looked like he wanted to ‘unleash the beast’. While others took a parade lap it really, really, really looked like Dimmerman wanted to step it up a notch!

    …and we wanted him to as well!

  2. Jim, how your thumb did not go to handlebar is beyond me LOL ! Please thank the Neilsons for all of the support in getting you and the Phantom back on the track ! Thanks for the great video so far, can’t wait to see part 2. Thank you John for all you have done to bring us old fans great photo’s, up to date news, and for keeping Arctic Cat in the spotlight

  3. Jim that looked like a blast.. and it was such a cool thing for you to do. I know it had to be a TON of work to get her all ready for that, get up there and get it done. I for one, really appreciate the effort. That video was really fun to watch!

  4. Hello all, I’m working on the Sunday footage tonight. I think you will all be happy. Jim did unleash the Phantom one more time on Sunday and it gave me goosebumps, as well as the rest of the crew that put the Phantom back on the track so the legend can continue on.

  5. AC/DC, Dimmerman, Phantom, The “Snap”..NOT pop of a fine tuned Rotax. The dressing of the driver at the line, like a modern day Worrior. All I need is the smell of castor oil in the air… Thank You.


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