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World Supremacy for Team Arctic Racing

CBR's Ryan Simons won the USCC Oslo 100 aboard his Arctic Cat Sno Pro 600

Press Release-


Tucker Hibbert Takes World Championship Title;

Team Arctic Racers Score 15 Wins in USCC Cross-Country

It was a weekend of worldwide domination for Team Arctic racers and the ProCross chassis-based Arctic Cat Sno Pro.

At the FIM Snocross World Championships in Semigorje, Russia, Tucker Hibbert once again proved he’s the best in the world. A three-final format pitted Hibbert against an international field of 33 racers from six different countries in front of 12,000 fans. A first-turn mishap in the first final prevented Hibbert from taking the win, however, he backed up that second-place finish with two convincing wins in the remaining finals to secure his second World Championship title in three years.

On this side of the Atlantic, Team Arctic cross-country racers delivered a supremely-dominant performance, taking 15 wins (out of 20 classes) at the USCC Oslo 100 cross-country in Oslo, Minn., where ample snow provided a rough, genuine cross-country that combined ditch and river.

Defending USCC Pro Champion Ryan Simons scored his first win of the season, while simultaneously underlining the depth of the Christian Bros. Racing team that has now scored three Pro 600 wins with three different racers. Simons’ greatest challenge of the weekend appeared to come from his CBR teammate D.J. Ekre, who claimed the Pro Open class early in the day and was on pace for a top finish in Pro 600 until an untimely crash took him out of contention.

Of the 15 class wins at Oslo, eight were full podium-sweeps by Team Arctic racers, underscoring the team’s depth as well as the strength of the Sno Pro 600 and Sno Pro 500 race machines.

“This was another exciting weekend for Arctic Cat,” said Mike Kloety, Team Arctic Race Manager. “Tucker Hibbert’s World Championship title is proof that he is the fastest snocross racer in the world. And the 15-victory performance at the USCC cross-country in Oslo confirms that it’s tough to beat great racers piloting great snowmobiles.”


2012 Snocross World Champ Tucker Hibbert of Monster & Arctic Cat

Team Arctic Race Results from USCC Cross-Country in Oslo, Minn.


Pro 600

1. Ryan Simons


Pro Open

1. D.J. Ekre

3. Ryan Simons


Semi Pro 600

2. Zach Herfindahl

3. Wes Selby


Semi-Pro Improved

3. Wes Selby


Expert 85

1. Tyler Johnsrud

2. Jon Arneson

3. Lance Efteland


Expert 85 Improved

1. Travis Bach

2. Tyler Johnsrud

3. Bryce Buchanan


Vet 30-Plus

1. Chad Lian

3. Jon Nelson


Masters 40-Plus

1. John Arneson

2. Mike Dirkman

3. Jeff Voigt


Legends 50-Plus

2. Todd Hoyhtya


Sport 85

1. Taylor McLean

2. Zach Thoma

3. Grady Reinking


Sport 600

1. Boris Mahlich

2. Quintin Rettler

3. Andrew Hawkins


Sport 600 Improved

1. Boris Mahlich

2. Benjamin Langaas

3. Andrew Hawkins



1. Jake Kallock

3. Chris Klie



1. Jolene Bute


Junior Girls 10-15

1. Kelsey Pladson

2. Marissa Kallock

3. Cecily Nordstrom


Junior 10-13

3. Ean Voigt


Junior 14-17

1. Benjamin Langaas

2. Zach Herfindahl

3. Taylor McLean



2. Gerry Mattison

3. James Mattison


120 Stock

1. Noah Arneson


120 Improved

1. Noah Arneson



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