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2012-13: Season of Championships for Team Arctic Snowmobile Racers

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Press Release-


Domination Continues in Cross-Country, Snocross, Enduro and Hillclimb

As the last checkered flag dropped on the 2012-2013 snowmobile racing season, Team Arctic racers upheld the tradition of claiming the most high-point championship titles in the sport’s most prestigious circuits. The championship success underscores the talent and dedication of the racers and crews, as well as the high-performance pedigree of the Sno Pro and M Series snowmobiles.

“When you win most of the battles, you’re likely going to win the war,” said Team Arctic Race Manager, Mike Kloety. “In USXC cross-country especially, yet also in ISOC snocross and RMSHA hillclimbs, we won more than our share of the battles and, as a result, took home most of the championship high point titles.”

The most stunning display of championship supremacy unfolded in the USXC cross-country circuit, where Team Arctic racers claimed High-Point titles in 13 of 20 classes. Headlining the cross-country domination were Christian Brothers Racing Pros Ryan Simons and Zach Herfindahl, who finished 1-2 in both Pro 600 and Pro Open championship tallies. Other stand-out title performances in USXC belong to Benjamin Langaas, who won both Expert 85 and Improved 85 titles; And Jolene Bute, who won all 10 Womens finals (and the Championship title) during the season.

In ISOC National snocross competition, Team Arctic/Monster Energy superstar Tucker Hibbert reclaimed the Pro Open Championship title following a season of ironclad domination during which he won 11 of 16 finals, plus his sixth Winter X Games gold medal in a row. Joining him atop the ISOC Championship box was Team Arctic’s Josh Zelinski, who captured the Pro-Am Plus 30 high-point title.  

In the MIRA enduro circuit, Cadarette Racing added to their long series of outstanding accomplishments by taking the overall Pro Enduro Championship with racers Troy DeWald and Ryan Spencer.

Out west in the RMSHA hillclimb series, Team Arctic’s Rob Kincaid, Chance Buckallew and Kaycee Balls added Championship titles to their win tallies, reinforcing the team’s strength that was also highlighted by Kyle Tapio’s King of Kings title (and five total victories) at the Jackson Hole World Championships.

“As much as we value and appreciate individual race wins, I believe that high-point titles tell the most complete story about Team Arctic,” said Kloety. “These championship titles reflect speed, consistency, mechanical aptitude and, of course, dedication. So on behalf of everyone at Arctic Cat, we want to thank all the racers, crews and teams who made 2013 a season of championship success.

“Likewise, I want to express our gratitude to all Team Arctic racers who took part in the 2013 race season. We’re already moving forward with improvements to our race sleds and program for the coming season, and we’ll be back in the action this summer with grass drag competition.”

Team Arctic Snowmobile High-Point Champions in 2013

USXC Cross-Country

Ryan Simons, Pro 600 & Pro Open

Benjamin Langaas, Expert 85 & Expert 85 Improved

Kevin Tinjum, Sport 85

Garrett Johnson, Sport 600

Joseph Wood, Vintage

Gerry Mattison, Vintage 50 Plus & Classic IFS 50 Plus

Jolene Bute, Women’s

Ean Voigt, Junior 10-13

Cole Lian, Junior 14-17

Marissa Kallock, Junior Girls 10-15


ISOC National Snocross

Tucker Hibbert, Pro Open

Josh Zelinski, Pro-Am Plus 30


ISOC Minnesota Regional Snocross

Jacob Blanshan, Pro Stock

Sasha Cook, Pro Women 

Travis Kern, Pro Lite 

Deon Guinn, Sport

Deon Guinn, Amateur 16-29

Jay Lura, Junior 14-15 & Junior 16-17

Ryley Bester, Jr. Novice LTD & Jr. Novice Combined 

Evan Christian, Transition LTD & Transition Combined

Ayden Zimmerman, 120 Stock 4-5    


MIRA Pro Enduro

Cadarette Racing, Troy DeWald & Ryan Spencer


CSRA – Alexxa Callan, Pro Womens


COR Powersports – Mark Wiedmeyer, Expert 85

COR Powersports – Casey Pries, Semi Pro

COR Powersports – Matt Feil, Junior 14-15 & Junior 16-17

COR Powersports – David Brown, Junior 10-13


USCC East – Robin Deschenes, Semi Pro 600


MXR – Tyler Oomen, Pro Lite


IWA Watercross – Dale Lindbeck, Pro Stock


NSSR World Speed Records

James Leitl, Trail Stock 440 Fan

Joe Reinhardt, Trail Stock 700 & TS 1000

Valinda Hermanson, Stock 440

Patty Olson, Stock 500, 700 Single Pipe, Stock 100

Brandon Damask, Stock 600 Single Pipe

Brett Nelson, Imp Stock 500

Kris Doberstein, Imp Stock 600

Al Doberstein, Imp Stock 700, Super Stock Twin, 4-Stroke Stock Turbo

Doyle Swift, Imp Stock 1000 & Lake Racer All

Ed Ensor, Lake Racer

Kyle Shilts, 4-Stroke Stock Turbo IS

Steve Spire, Super Twin Lake Racer

Mike Martin, Super Twin Lake Racer 4-Stroke



  1. AWESOME JOB Team Arctic!!!! Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication to the sport. We are all very proud of you. And thank you Arctic Cat for giving these great racers the opportunity to achieve these goals with your machines and programs. Share my (our) passion.

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