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Getting Revved Up for Prom in Minnesota

May 2 snowstorm brightens prom prospects in SE Minnesota

The winter of 2013 continued its snowy march towards summer, dumping more than 14-in. of snow in Southeastern Minnesota last week.

The snow added a new element to the traditional prom festivities for the Alden-Conger High School. Making the most of it were Jordan Bute (L) and Parker Hemmingsen.

Jordan is the son of Team Arctic cross-country ace Jolene Bute and her husband Pat. When Jordan and his friend Pat were prepping for pre-prom pix, there was no question the snow and snowmobiles would play into the situation.


May 2 snowstorm brightens prom prospects in SE Minnesota

No, the young men didn’t pick up their dates on the Sno Pro 500s, although I’m sure the thought crossed their minds.


Jolene Bute makes track on an Arctic Cat Sno Pro in May 2013

Jolene herself couldn’t pass up the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make May tracks.

The May 2 snowstorm last week shut down cities, schools and sections of the Interstate across a large swatch of Minnesota and Wisconsin.



  1. Pretty cool.
    Lucky young men, having prom dates,72 and matching Sno Pro 500 snowmobiles. It looks like Jordan’s has a better suspension set up. After all his mother, Jolene is an accomplished cross-country racer.
    What a way to start the month of May. A snowstorm, and if that is a lake in the backround, still frozen in May.

  2. Well played gentlemen! Real Arctic Insiders know that the ladies love the exotic scent of a high performance 2 stroke on their dates. Hope you had fun!

  3. And all I got when I went to prom was 20 degree temps on my wheat which was 4″ high already………………………….. But, it turned out to be a bumper crop anyway so it wasn’t all bad.


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