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2014 Warroad USXC Cross-Country Photo Recap

Last weekend was the penultimate event of the 2014 USXC cross-country series.

Held in balmy Warroad, Minn., where the temps were in the double-digits negative (with a fierce NW wind no less!) and where the ditches were FULL of snow, the race showcased the true rugged nature of cross-country racing.

(An apology to all the racers who will not be featured here, as I donned a TekVest myself this past weekend and thus skipped shooting pix of most classes.)


Team Arctic's Savannah Landrus

For the second week in a row, Savannah Landrus won the Jr. Girls 14-17 class.


Team Arctic's David Brown wins in Warroad

David Brown flew to a win in the Jr. 10-13 Boys class, then proceded to eat a pile of pizza afterwards.

I spent a lot of time with the Brown family, the Feil family and the Trout family this weekend, in part because they (like pretty much everyone I meet at the USXC races) are as friendly and helpful as can possibly be. And because they all have warm trailers!

And also because my son Calvin cartwheeled his sled on the pre-lap, and it needed a heavy-duty (and hasty) repair session to fix. Thanks to all who helped us, I owe you all 1 hour of wrench time at any time/temperature/place of your choosing.


Team Arctic's Wes Selby finished 3rd at the USXC in Warroad. Photo:

I was able to shoot the Pro 600 Stock class at Warroad. By the time these guys went out for their 4-lap, 80-mile race, the winds were blowing around 20 mph and the bumps were big.

The shot above was one of three sections on the course that wasn’t littered with huge holes. I can tell you from my own experience there that it was a total blast, in part because visibility was fantastic and because most of the holes were pounded-out and soft.

But “soft” doesn’t mean easy, as this race claimed a high number of racers, due in part to the relentless number of drifts and bumps, and the hard-snow conditions that prevailed early in the day.


Team Arctic Cat/Christian Bros. Racing Logan Christian. Photo:

With an open weekend away from snocross, Team Arctic/Christian Bros. Racing pro Logan Christian made a rare appearance at a cross-country. Christian showed periods of blazing speed, but he suffered from icing goggles for most of the race and swapped for several new pair to no avail. He finished 10th on the day.


Team Arctic Cat's Chad Lian. Photo by

Chad Lian looked strong, fast and consistent all day, finishing 7th.


Team Arctic Cat's Cody Kallock. Photo:

Cody Kallock continued his second-half-of-the-season charge, finishing fourth in Pro Stock class. His brother Timmy took second in the Semi Pro 600 Stock final, then opted to race the Pro class later in the day. But a tangle with one of the gnarly holes during the first lap put Timmy out of the race and into the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a severely bruised leg.


Team Arctic's Wes Selby finished 3rd at the USXC in Warroad. Photo:

Team Arctic's Wes Selby finished 3rd at the USXC in Warroad. Photo:

Team Arctic's Wes Selby finished 3rd at the USXC in Warroad. Photo:

The above three images are of Wes Selby, who returned to the Pro podium at Warroad.

In the first image, Selby flies past Tucker Hibbert, who was in Warroad to help me repair my son’s sled (and for a Hot Stuff Pizza promotion). I keep pressuring Tucker to try cross-country, and he keeps ignoring me. I think we all need to yell a little louder.

Congrats to Wes for his resurgent run at Warroad!


Team Arctic Cat/Christian Bros. Racing Zach Herfindahl wins Warroad. Photo:

The star of the show at Warroad was none other than Zach Herfindahl of the Christian Bros. Racing team.

Dealing with broken left thumb sustained while racing in Park Rapids the week prior, Zach had his hand in a cast with a modified glove, which made corning and braking very difficult.

But it seemed to have no impact on his jumping ability, as Zach looked like his normal self.


Team Arctic Cat/Christian Bros. Racing Zach Herfindahl wins Warroad. Photo:

Herfindahl rode fast, smart and in control to capture his third win of the season and put a virtual lock on the Pro Stock points championship (all he has to do is start this weekend’s final event in Walker, Minn.).

I continue to be amazed by this guy. Winning in Warroad with a casted hand and broken thumb only adds to my amazement.

Great job to Zach and all the racers who competed in Warroad! See you in a couple days at Walker.

Thanks for reading.

Team Arctic Cat/Christian Bros. Racing Zach Herfindahl wins Warroad. Photo:

Zach dutifully obliges my request for a post-race photo highlighting his casted hand.

I wonder if it was pure coincidence that the cast is green?



  1. Is cool that you took to the course John, some year I want to give that a try. I hear you recorded quite a lap time.

  2. John,

    I think you almost have Tucker convinced to try a XC race. In the picture he has the #68 loaded up and is eyeing up that ditch pretty good. Maybe next year??

  3. Please Tucker, please!!!!!! Would love to see him mix it up more than the Roundy round races. He’s proven he’s aced snocross!! What about a hill climb?

  4. Awesome pics ! Thanks for posting this cool stuff John! Really digging the cross-country! Congrats to Zach! racing with a broken thumb and still kicking bootie gotta love it!

  5. He is just showing off. It’s a common problem with cats always in the box because there always broken that’s how hill billies drive there snowmobiles up there in a pickup box


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