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2016 Snowmobile Hall of Fame Inductees

2016 SHOF Inductees


Hubert Fixsen, Steve Houle, Brad Pake and Tom Zernia to be Honored During 2016 Ceremony in St. Germain, Wis.; Fans are Invited to Participate in Ride With The Champs

The Snowmobile Hall of Fame and Museum in St. Germain, Wis., announced today its four inductees for 2016: Hubert Fixsen, Steve Houle, Brad Pake and Tom Zernia. These four honorees will be inducted into the SHOF on Feb. 13, 2016, in St. Germain, coinciding with the annual Ride With the Champs and other events to which all fans are invited.


Hubert Fixsen, Arctic Cat engineer and 2016 SHOF Inductee.

Hubert Fixsen, of Willmar, Minn., was a prolific race-focused engineer for Arctic and John Deere who invented many trend-setting ideas and technologies for snowmobiles, as well as a mechanic whose drivers notched wins in two Winnipeg-to-St. Paul I-500s, an ICCSF Championship and dozens of other cross-country victories.


Steve Houle, Eagle River F-III Champion.

Steve Houle of Forest Lake, Minn., was a premier, multi-discipline racer for Yamaha and Polaris who captured wins and championships in the most prestigious oval, snocross and cross-country events of the 1980s and 1990s, and later built Speedwerx into a championship-producing aftermarket powerhouse.


Brad Pake, Team Arctic Cat legend. Photo by

Brad Pake of Felton, Minn., was a dominant Team Arctic terrain racer in the 1990s who captured two International 500 cross-country wins, an ISOC championship and victory in multiple snocross and cross-country events.


Tom Zernia, 2016 SHOF Inductee

Tom Zernia of West Bend, Wis., was a founder of International Snowmobile Racing, the governing body of rules making for snowmobile competition since 1979, and for which he served as Technical Director while creating and enforcing fair and safe rules for all forms of racing.


All race and snowmobile fans are invited to the 33rd Annual SHOF Induction Ceremony and Ride With the Champs event, where they can meet, talk and ride with many of the sport’s biggest stars. The weekend includes various modern and vintage trail riding opportunities, plus a wonderful dinner and induction ceremony. In addition, the Snowmobile Hall of Fame Museum is open for all enthusiasts to see many legendary machines and memorabilia.

Go to for more information about the 2016 Snowmobile Hall of Fame and Ride With The Champs, as well as the museum.



  1. Hubert Fixen the Father of the ZR!! I saw a 1992 wild cat chassis with a 440 motor, hood mounted windshield, guages in the hood. After Kirk Hibbert broke a spindle in the 1992 I-500 race Roger Skime gave he and Brian Nelson the go ahead to build a race sled that Arctic would need to win no holds barred to speak!!! Hubert had in mind what they needed after the sled they built in 1991.
    With the help of Larry Miller who now works for Ed Webb They put together a Sled in the back of Nelson Marine in Spicer MN that would bring upon a Racing Dynasty. The sled can be seen in the 40 years Arctic Cat Legend Book. I was very fortunate to work for Brian’s father Dale,”Crunch Nelson and see the sled for inception to reality. The sled can be seen with Kirk Hibbert and Joey Hallstrom Disguised as a Jag spring 1992 in the legend book. Hubert Farms my Uncles Farm south of Willmar MN The Fanny Lake Farm. He told me once that when racing at Arctic Cat in the Middle of the night in about 1976/77 he came up with the 78 Cross Country long travel in the middle of the night. Brian awoke to find him working in the race shop. I once traded a Car Stereo for his Tractor for a Leather Arctic Cat ok it was vinyl 1986 suit!!!! He is a great guy and one not to blow his own horn very modest and if you ever met him one might say he is a very common man!! Congrats Hubert Doug Hanson!!! AKA TheCatKid!!! A Hubert story from me. Brian was racing the 1987 I-500 on a 5000 Eltigre. I had just bought my first 6000 eltigre new sled well we lined them up on Eagle Lake and the man was right with me the whole way as I could not leave him!! Damm he was fast!!!!

  2. Hubert’s ability to design spans many facets, he helped design the CaseIH quad track, and validated creating Hydrogen on board diesel powered vehicles and using the hydrogen as a fuel substitute. We worked together on both these projects during the late 1990s and mid 2000’s. He set the standard for CC race sled preparation at Enduro Team Deere. Brian never had a mechanical issue during the entire 1976 Championship Season. My most sincere congratulations to Hubert, Linda and their family, truly a honor earned . JRC

  3. What’s the story behind that dude’s ripped-up pullover? Botched backflip into the foam pit practicing for X Games?

  4. AllenO: Seaburg used to be an Arctic Cat dealer, and they sponsored Pake.

    CatKid and Jon C: I love the stories about Hubert and the gang…brainstorming and building REALLY excellent stuff. Hubert is a genius.

    Bobby Flame: Great to hear from you, but Pake’s time was just before the back flip bonanza. He’s wearing a Team Arctic pullover jacket that had the sleeves cut-off.

    Mike F: I agree, these four VERY deserving inductees.


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