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Product Spotlight: Windscreen Selection for Arctic Cat Snowmobiles

Arctic Cat snowmobile windscreen / windshield styles.


The latest selection of Arctic Cat Windscreens offer shapes and styles for every rider preference and weather condition, from minimalist Sno Pro screens to Mid-Height options with hand protection and all the way to full-blown High styles

Each windscreen is made to exact specifications for recent model Arctic Cat snowmobiles from tough, high-quality polycarbonate for long-lasting durability in the widest range of temperatures.

Multiple graphic and colors styles offer custom style accents to your favorite snowmobile. The MSRP starts at $39.95 U.S./$51.95 Canada.

These windows are available now at most Arctic Cat dealerships and HERE at the Arctic Cat online store.

Arctic Cat snowmobile windscreen / windshield styles.



  1. I run the low, not because it’s warm, but because that’s what it came with. i have been asked a lot how I tolerate it ( I am sledding that’s how).Even on warm days I had better be wearing my leather gloves. What is the style the Cross country guys run? Those look pretty sweet and one may need to be purchased by me.

  2. Eric: The window that most XC racers use is similar to the production Mid, but with the 13-in. taller center section. Part number is 6606-513. It was also the standard on the ’15 ZR 6000 R XC sled.

    It’s a good compromise between aesthetics, speed and protection.

  3. Agree with John here…The windshield stock provided installed on my 15 zr6 xc is really a perfect balance between looks and protection. I did also add the Rox Flex-Tec hand guards that keep the fingers nice and toasty with the grip warmers on low…As we all know how dang hot the high setting is on the cat’s…Boys building the heaters must be from MN !!!

  4. I would agree that the window that came with the 600XC-R is a perfect screen,but is not pictured here. Also, if you do order the XC window you will have to drill extra holes in each side of the hood to fasten the bottom edge of the side shield. just one hole on each side,then insert two black screws and it turns out looking just fine.


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