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2020 M 6000 Alpha One in Select Dealerships Now

Riders looking to make a leap in backcountry performance will find their sweet spot with the 2020 M 6000 centered around the Alpha One single beam rear suspension system. And it’s available at select dealerships now! 

What? A 2020 in dealerships?  Yes, that’s right. I’m not buzzin’ on an eggnog hangover folks – A limited number of 2020 M 6000 sleds are available at select dealerships now. 

This model wasn’t available during the 2020 Snowmageddon launch, and is not in the current Model Year 2021 lineup available for pre-order. This special offering is outside of the Snowmageddon sales event, so with the snow falling, I’d suggest heading to your dealer soon. 

Here’s the lowdown on the 2020 M 6000 Alpha One:

Specs on the 2020 M6000 Alpha One

Alpha One consists of a lightweight and rigid single-beam rear suspension constructed from extruded aluminum and magnesium. It runs in the middle of a specially designed lightweight Power Claw track featuring a single row of track windows, a deep snow-specific design with 3-in. paddles and a 3.5-in. pitch, plus unique internal-track construction.

3" Powerclaw track on M6000 Alpha One 

The 154-in. length bends and conforms to the snow, whether the sled is on a side hill, flat surface or going straight up in powder. With maximum side flex, riders can maneuver the Alpha One to a degree not possible with conventional snowmobiles, carving circles well inside the kind of tight turns conventional snowmobiles are incapable of. The suspension is light and stiff, allowing the track to flex and conform to the snow and riding surface. 

M 6000 Alpha One delivers lightweight mountain performance and maneuverability with narrow-profile bodywork in the Ascender platform. The lightweight Arctic Mountain Suspension (AMS) with mountain-specific spindles, geometry and a 35.5-in. to 37.5-in. stance for better side hilling, reduce drag in the snow and optimal handling. 

The M 6000 Alpha features Arctic Cat’s IFP 1.5 ski and track shocks, dual halogen headlight, a vertical steering post, 1-in. mountain-height windshield, 11.7-gal. fuel tank and a front mounted heat exchanger for reduced ice buildup and includes skid frame-mounted ice scratchers.

600 CTEC2 Engine

The high-tech, Arctic Cat 6000-Series 600 C-TEC2 2-stroke engine delivers class-leading horsepower and fuel economy thanks to dual stage injection (DSI), battery-less EFI, Electronic APV Exhaust Valves, Exhaust Pipe Temperature Sensor, electric oil injection and convenient push-button electric start and engine reverse. Revised engine mapping for 2020 increases overall performance. That performance stays consistent with the quick acceleration and auto-adjusting design of the TEAM Rapid Response II drive clutch, Rapid Reaction driven clutch and the entire Arctic Drive System.

The M 6000 Alpha One is available in Charcoal/Green

 2020 M6000 available in Charcoal/Green



  1. Has anyone on here ever cut down a 3″ Powerclaw track? This M6 is a model I want, but that big lug is holding me back. We run quite a bit of backcountry in MI, but also a fair amount of trail. I have a love/hate relationship with this Snowmageddon BS. LOL. I really want a 2021 Riot X 146 (2.6lug) with the Alpha skid, but I want it now!!

  2. Oh once again Textron says one thing and something else happens. Only way to get a 2020 is by spring order. Oh wait unless you do this. Sick of this back and forth bull crap. Not like a I have a dealer to get one from anyways. Fellow Cat rider of 35 years moving to Polaris or Ski-Doo for the simple fact of I won’t have to travel 3 hours to find a dealer

  3. jj – I still feel AC is sticking to the Snowmageddon order strategy. My hunch with the offering of a 2020 M6000 Alpha comes from two areas: AC probably had extra 600 engines to use, and combine that with a small dealer demand to sell this model, it was most likely the best area to use them.

    I personally applaud the Snowmageddon sales strategy, but would like to see it altered a bit. I think if us consumers want the “cool stuff” that should be offered during the Snowmageddon sales timeframe (Sweet prices, offers, colors, shocks, ATAC technologies etc etc.)

    My addition would be this: If there are consumers like Midland’s comment above who want something right now, but didn’t order during Snowmageddon, I would like to see in-season dealer stocking units. And those could be four models. (Blast, ZR, Riot and M) All Black – All basic. You get what you get and you don’t throw a fit, and the dealers have units to sell. If you want fancy colors on your black in-season unit, buy a wrap from Octane Ink. BOOM!

    And to address your dealer comment…I don’t know what is going on there? I feel sorry a dealer has to be that far away from you or anyone else.

  4. Speaking of the 6000 engine, why are there only three 6000’s for 2021? Riot, RXC & ZR Limited are the only sleds showing a 600 available. None of the M sleds or Riot X even offer it. Being that everything is snowmaggedon order and spec built, why not offer it?

    As mentioned previously, why not offer the 600 in the Blast and create a new Sno Pro 600? ZR front end, 129″ skid, simple IFP shocks, no electric start and a tether cord. Simple yet affordable fun.

  5. They can’t built a sled for everyone. Having a smaller build platform will be better overall-less inventory at dealerships. Even though I would like to see more platforms built, the costs these days r a little crazy even for a standard 600cc sled. I would like to see a 8000R XC sled though. A true spring order package like Poo offers would be awesome

  6. Midland – Sure you can trim the track down, just use a straight edge and a shape utility knife. Done it on a few tracks to make them more for what I need, no issues with them.

  7. Crnr2Crnr….Your basic affordable 600 ZR 129” idea, hits the spot, or at least my spot. Simple reliable affordable and FUN. Cat, listen to the man!

  8. Kale, lots of die hard cat guys are leaving the brand because textron canceled any dealer near to them, and every dealer close to a bass pro shop.
    You prob have heard the real number of how many dealers where dropped, but from what I’ve heard it a lot.

  9. Puss 600. Come next year there may be ZERO 129’s by any manufacturer. The difference is a whopping 4 inches from a 129 to a 137 btw. Krom: I have 5 dealers with in an hour of me here in Rural Minnesota. None of them closed there doors. The ones who had the dealership pulled were mostly Dirt or dealers who never ordered anything to begin with. Profitability is what keeps a brand afloat and selling left over sleds hurts the bottom line. I am pretty happy with what Textron has done. I have ordered two sleds since the merger. My 20 6000 limited iACT is the best sled I have ever ridden and I have ridden a lot of sleds over the years. Go CAT!

  10. @JimR. Fine, then make it a 128″ like the 2010-14 Sno Pro and the new Indy XCR. Not everyone wants a 136/137, or in the case of the Blast a 121″. What is this, 1994? Why does Polaris and SkiDoo continue to sell 128/129″ sleds, and Catextron discontinued all theirs? I bet SkiDoo sells more 129″ sleds than Cat sells sleds combined. Heck, some of the Hay Baler faithful are fearful that Polaris is going to discontinue their beloved 120″ Rush.

    I’m a Cat guy, but I’m not sold on what Textron is doing or has done. I’m also not alone, there’s a lot of Cat faithful complaining if you’re willing to believe what people post with the actual names on the facetoobook. Near my zip code there’s four (or five?) dealers no longer selling Cat snowmobiles which were either cut out or they told them to shove it. Surrounded by SkiDoo & Polaris dealers in the snowbelt of north central Wisconsin though. Maybe Amazon will start selling them. @@

    : ( <--- This is my sad face.

  11. I’ve only owned Arctic Cat’s for the last 30 years, over 15 units between snow and dirt. This summer I switched to another brand of dirt product as Cat does not offer a 60″ wide dirt machine anymore, and was planning to stay with them on the snow side. I realize they don’t have a new chassis, but have been happy with the one currently even though it’s a bit underpowered compared to the 850’s I ride with. We have a cabin near Hayward, WI and now the nearest dealer was just let go so the closest dealer is now over 60 miles away. I think that will be what will lead me to a different brand. Hopefully they add a dealer back in that area as there’s a lot of riding around there, and I’d like to stay with Cat, but not willing to drive over an hour just to buy oil, or pick up a part or 2, or have some service done.

  12. I should add that since 1998, I have not had to bring a sled in for any type of service and that was a fluke crank shaft lock up. Just changed oil in my chain case on my 2018 6000. Put 35 miles to break my belt in on my 2020 ZR 6000 Limited iACT and I have to say that is the most fun I have had in a short 35 miles. iACt is incredible! To me it is a game changer and if you doubt it, you better try it before doubting it. First 150 mile ride starts tomorrow. Pumped!

  13. Crnr2Crnr, .the dealers in Wisconsin left Cat because they wanted to . Wisconsin Law , protects there dealers ! No manufacturer can pull your dealership ! They tried the same thing to my dealership . Bottom line he told them I’ll see you in court ! They backed off. And he is still a dealer ! And as of 129” they would’ve not dropped them if they were selling .Ski-Doo & Polaris cut back on there 129” models .In 06 I went to a 136” and (10 sleds later ) I haven’t look back ! I wish my kids RR4000 was longer . But had no Choice in the matter .

  14. C-dubya

    Polaris added the 128″ XCR to their line for 2020 in addition to all their XC 129″ers. Doo has 4 models of 129″ers. Cat has zero for 2020 & 2021. Do you agree with their choice to put a 121″ skid in the Blast rather than a 128/129″? They already have a great 129″ skid, and there’s far better track options for 129″ compared to 121″. If they’d offer the Sno Pro 600 version I keep mentioning I’d have no issue with them using a 136″ to get additional lugs/studs on the ground… if they ever make it. The 137″ 6000 R XC was so popular this year that Cat didn’t build/sell enough to make it legal to race, so guys are racing their 18/19 models.

    Seeing how all their sleds are now built to order, why not offer your customers more choices? Let the customer choose 129″ or 137″, 600 or 800, two color schemes, an ice track, ripsaw or cobra and/or back country track for trail sleds, offer two windshield choices, electric start or no electric start, and allow customers to add their accessories in on the build.

    Has anyone from Cat gone on Polaris or SkiDoo’s website and built a sled? Speaking of website, Cat’s website is also nothing special.

  15. How about this….
    1)go back to late winter/early spring order
    2)have special graphics and packages
    3)let the dealers choose how many sleds they want to stock. these sleds should be basic model sleds, nothing special, thats why you early order.
    4)offer extended warranty for early order sleds as an incentive.

  16. I have been riding cat my whole life. My dad raced them back in the late 60’s early 70’s. In all this time I never had a problem getting pistons for a motor. Even when cat went out of business in the 80’s.
    I don’t understand why they don’t stock heavily in the parts that are most needed. In a retail business if you don’t have stock readily available you will loose money. Arctic Cat took there limp mode out of there 2019 Alphas. I’m not sure why. I had it on my 2018 Mountain Cat.
    Because of this I scorched a set of pistons. A/C does not have them in stock. For god sake why I know there is not a huge demand for them.

    So what ever person from.Arctic Cat that over see the parts at the factory. Get you act together you loosing customer left and right. Just because of tha lack of parts. If you worked for me I’d fire you Monday morning and put some one in there that gave a **** about Arctic Cat as a whole.

    I need a st of pistons for my 2019 Alpha I need the shipped first this
    No Monday morning to Russell motor Sports My Last 8 digits of my Vin is #KT111753. It has know been two weeks, with my dealer getting a load of crap from the techS on the tech line. I will be calling first thing on Monday 1/27/2020
    Just for every one else having problems with Arctic Cat Tech service there # is.
    1-800-279-2279. Call and let them know how you feel.

    Mike Mostad a die hard A/C snowmobile owner that is pissed off.


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  18. Has anyone tried an aftermarket can on the 6000 Alpha and had it fit right.? I tried one and found it’s a slightly different fitment than on the 8000.


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