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Three Things Overlooked for Snowmageddon Early Order

If you are thinking of pulling the pre-order trigger on a 2021 Arctic Cat and do it before January 31, 2019, you have an opportunity for some exclusive offers. Hooray!

When a new product gets launched, I typically get caught up in models specs, photos and reviews and most times breeze past the “bonuses”.  So, if you are like me, here’s three Snowmageddon pre-order offers you may have overlooked. (It’s important to remember if you aren’t ready to commit by the end of January, you still have time. Snowmaggedon ends April 18, 2020)

Visit your dealer for more information on all things Snowmageddon.

Refresh Your Current Ride if you Pre-order before December 31, 2019


You’ll have to act a bit faster if you want this one. If you pre-order before December 31, 2019, you are eligible for 20% off an accessory package for your current snowmobile. Some of the items included in each kit are: Ski Rubber Dampers, Steering Post Bearings (Upper/Lower), 4-inch carbide wear bars, Slide rail wearstrips, all mounting hardware. For full details visit this link:

Enter to get a custom Cat Wrap for your 2021 from Octane Ink


If you pre-order before January 31, 2020, your name will be entered to win a custom graphics wrap from our friends at Octane Ink. The same premier graphic company who designs for Christian Brothers Racing, Rob Kincaid, David McClure and many others. For more information and rules visit:

Aaron Scheele preps a Christian Brothers Racing sled with Octane Ink graphics wrap

Octane Ink designs for Backcountry ambassadors like Rob Kincaid 103

David McClure 150 throwback ZR design from Octane Ink

A chance to get your 2021 Arctic Cat yet this season!


Want to receive your 2021 Arctic Cat before the end of the snow season? If you pre-order before January 31, 2020, you could be one of the lucky few who receives their sled early. For more information and rules visit this link:

A chance to get on the snow with your 2021 this season!



  1. Wish cat/Textron would get there head out of their asses and bring back the special order graphics options like the firecats had. Give the buys the opportunity to pick and choose.

  2. I’ve had bad luck ordering parts from cat, everything I order is always on back order and noone knows when it’s coming. Then cat only takes care of their big-time dealers giving them first dibs on all the parts instead of spreading the wealth to all dealers. I’ve been riding cat for 35 years since I was 5 to now. I don’t plan on switching but, I’ve been really discouraged over the last couple years with their customer service and how they treat the smaller dealerships. I agree with Don I wish they would be more like Polaris and Ski-Doo and let you custom order your sleds with all the options and accessories straight from the factory. It’s the little things like that that means so much to the guys who are buying these machines the bill will have your slide already customized when you get it and you don’t have to do any extra work to it makes it so much easier yes I know some people says it takes money out of the dealer’s pockets in the same token it helps everyone out just my opinion but these are some of my experiences that I’ve had I don’t plan on leaving Nordic at anytime soon but I do agree it seems like they’ve kind of falling off the wagon a little bit since this whole merger with Textron

  3. What about the “kit package” program that is being offered also ?? I have some questions on that offer that I can’t seem to get an answer from Cat about……. Like which of these accessories in the kit are factory installed and which have to be installed ? And if they are factory installed….what happens with the usual “stock” parts ?? I did order my 2021 already….and opted for the “kit” but may actually change my mind and not order it….depending on what answers I get on these answers.

    Also, I just took delivery of my 2020, so the “refresh your sled” kit is of no use to me…. But I can see how it may for people with older sleds.

    And I’m not really sure if I want my 2021 EARLY ….. especially with zero time on my 2020 yet. Not to mention having to sell or make my a trade deal with my dealer sooner than expected…… SO if I were “one of the lucky ones” (providing I fill out the form to enter) …. I hope Cat would give me a decent amount of notice before delivery …….

  4. OK….. just read the fine print on the early delivery …. but confused….
    1 line says this:

    If selected for the Instant Catification program, winners are not obligated to accept the model early.

    But the very next line says this:

    Winner must agree with authorized Arctic Cat dealer to purchase their Model Year 2021 snowmobile early

    SO….. which is it….you are not obligated to take it early ? Or must agree to take it early ?

    Or am I misreading it ???

  5. taperk600… I interpret that second sentence as simply another way of saying winner must agree to pay upon delivery. I’m sure it’s simply so someone doesn’t think they can take delivery later this season but not have to start paying for it until next fall.

  6. Don – I too loved the custom graphics options on those Firecats, but I don’t think the program would be as successful today. Custom graphics then, really didn’t exist like they do now to set yourself apart from everyone else. Now, you can turn to any street corner and somebody is creating a “wrap” for sleds. On top of that, with streamlined manufacturing, picking and choosing sounds easy, but becomes difficult and not very cost effective for an OEM. I think back to those Firecats and some of those graphic optioned sleds sold very very few in numbers. Fast forward to today, and on the flip side, I also feel Textron partially has “their” heads pulled out of their asses when I look at the new Blast line-up…I see two graphic package options that harken back to those Firecats…one with an American flag and another with a Canadian flag. Looks like an opportunity to pick or choose.

    Bob – Taperk600 brings up the Kit accessory options that come straight from the factory and I’m happy it was brought up. Although AC talked about the kits early-on, I agree that the talk about them has seemingly fallen to the back burner. All kits are listed with the 2021 models on Arctic Cat’s website though. Ill see if I can post some information about them here next week.

    TP – Sorry to hear your nearest dealer is that far away.

  7. I too was wondering what the optional kit included. Would love to know more info.

    Personally I feel the graphics package incentive is rather lame. Entered to win?!? Make it an exclusive graphic package(s) for everyone that orders by Jan. 31 and then you have something.

    One thing I’d love to see is an 800 version of the R-XC with it’s unique features. That’s really what any RR sled should be anyway IMO. Wanting an 800 shouldn’t eliminate the availability of all that race tested equipment.

  8. The question I have is if I were to order a 2021 8000RR, what might I expect to have been changed / improved? Will the sled just be a 2020 with BNG? If BNG is all that changes why order a 2021 when the 2020 is the exact same sled?

  9. Hard to imagine cat cant at least match what polaris offers with their spring check program.
    choose your track, windshield, tunnel color, skid color, spindle color etc.

  10. Just what I want to see. A baby blue cat with a super tall windshield. Gay as can be. Cats colors are fine. My dealer takes my stock windshield in as a trade to my preference which is tall because I am getting old and perfer to stay warm. Track? No interest to me and betting the vast majority have no dog in that hunt. Just give me reliability and my previous cats have been stellar. Did extend my Limited 6000 with iACT three years for only $450.00 just to make sure that I am covered on the shocks. If I were to have gone the qs3 way I would have passed on the warranty altogether though.

  11. SO….. Feb 14th has come and gone………Anyone get notified that they are getting their 2021 early ??? I was hoping I would be getting my RR early, but I’ve heard nothing, so guessing no….. Which is okay since I have just over 300 miles on my 2020 so far…….


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