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An Inside Look at Arctic Cat’s Commitment to Quality

Get an in-depth look at Arctic Cat’s commitment to quality with this cool and interesting video that was originally produced for their 2015 Snowmobile Dealer Show.

While the focus here is snowmobiles, the same intentional focus on quality is also utilized in the development and production of ATV and side-by-side machines.

Lot’s happening in this video, I watched it twice!



  1. You know this is a neat video and it all sounds good. I also heard a strong message of QC with many similar things when I toured the plant in July, 2011 (loved it so much I went back again the next morning).

    Unfortunately, the commitment to quality portrayed here wasn’t what I experienced with my 2012 Procross. Cheap parts; several and repeated issues; and a company that didn’t take the time to listen left me wondering what happened to the company I had bragged about for the last 20 years. It was my first class dealer who made the difference. Fortunately, its a new day in TRF with leadership at the top and hopefully the commitment to quality products; customer satisfaction; and dealer strength will be a reality.

  2. Nice video but just a promotion, not reality. I have been away from snowmobiles since buying a 2003 Firecat and I think most of us still remember those issues. This spring I ordered an M8000 that arrived in June. I scheduled delivery for this week only to be informed there were issues that would require attention and a delay or a return visit because parts were not available. Hopefully this is just a glitch and not an omen but I am getting a bad feeling that it is more of the same from Arctic Cat. Cheap parts, incomplete testing and a lack of organization and support for their dealer. Maybe mine is an isolated case and I am wrong on this, but so far it seems like more of the same.

  3. It’s good that cat is commited to quality because new sleds are a pile of cash and seasons are short if they even happen at all.

    If you want reliabilty avoid the high performance sleds. Keep it under 100 hp on a proven chassis and baby it.

    30 years in this sport, the fast ones leave you walking and broke.

  4. It was amazing to see how much effort, equipment and manpower that go into producing a sled. Thanks for posting the video! It was fascinating to me to watch the sleds get built with all of the specialized equipment. No wonder sleds are so expensive!


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