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Anyone Can Learn Extreme Snowmobiling

The Bobby Flame?

Extreme snowmobiling is easy.

In fact, “Anyone can learn extreme snowmobiling when the right steps are taken.”

Yep… really (at least according to THIS EXCELLENT STORY.)

Once again, the internets are living up to their reputation as a fine news institution.

I wonder what Bobby Flame thinks of this stuff?



  1. I was shocked to read that ArcticInsider wasnt referenced as a resource for obtaining information in the event that no books were available. LOL

  2. Womens Likes Extreme Snowmobilers. First thing, you need to determine if your handlebar riser is high enough. Typically, I run a 10+10=20″. If you arent sure about the height of your riser, read EHow Health.

  3. Dude, the only reason I have never extreme snowmobiled is because I thought it would be hard! I’m so excited to go to the library and reference some books. Insert any activity into the word “snowmobile” in the arcticle. “Anyone can learn extreme goat milking when the right steps are taken.”


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