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Logan Christian Interview

Logan at the FIM World Championships

CLICK HERE for a jump to a great interview with Logan Christian of Team Arctic/Christian Bros. Racing.



  1. Logan, Enjoyed talking to you at haydays and hope your knee is doing better! I will be attending race school for the new sleds. I spoke with your dad. He said he is not sure about another mechanic yet. I would really like to be part of your team, and support you any way I can. Since my divorce my contact with Andy is limited, and miss him dearly. I remember the days you battling it out and miss that! If I was to root for anyone it would be you because we been racing close for years, and have always admired your dad and your team and belive you have the potential for beating Tucker! Hope to see you soon and I know you’ll be up front! Ill be cheering for you! Good luck Logan! See you soon! Craig Campbell. E-mail is


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