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It’s Here: An all-new Arctic Cat-built 600 2-stroke engine with DSI

Arctic Cat has pulled the wraps off of the long-awaited 600 2-stroke snowmmobile engine.

There’s SO MUCH to say about this engine, but for this very moment here are some critical facts:

Dual-Stage Injection = clean


10 lbs. lighter than the previous 600 twin

Designed and built by Arctic Cat!



  1. 2014, the year of the engine choices. If you can’t find a power source you like in this line-up, I don’t know what will. I hope GS and the gang have another legend on their hands with this new 600 bullet.

  2. Nice job Arctic Cat — this is what many had requested!

    This will change some of the comments and feelings that people had previously posted on where Arctic Cat was headed for by merging with Yamaha.

    I’m, for sure, liking what I see !!

  3. Same 800 H.O. motor still available? I wonder how long it will take them to update that motor with this new technology. After running the 800 H.O. for the past few years, I don’t think I could go back to a 600…

  4. Bravo to cat for the engineering in this motor. I think they took the faults seen in the Doos and Poos and corrected the lubrication issues. Although I was one waiting and looking for this 600 DI to come out, I have to admit I’m a little disappointed in the HP rating. I hope Cat under-rated it and it produces more in reality. When the F6 came out as an early build 2004 in Jan 2003, many of them were able to see 130 hp (mine pulled 131 on the dyno). Then the last couple years of the twin spar 600SP saw nearly the same 130hp. And the race motor easily gets 130 hp. So why is this one down at 125 ???

    I like the technology. I think it’s a great move. But to be honest, the Yami-Cat Viper had really gotten my attention…. 130/135 hp is where I’ve been looking for the 600-class to come out. I guess I have to give some serious thought to going 4 stroke….. And the slight body panel changes on the Viper are real sharp !!

  5. Remember, Cat rates their sleds at the minimum you should ever see, they started that in 2007. The old 600 motor was rated at 118.

  6. Taper. The oil will be the same price as there regular apv synthetic so like 46 or under a gallon but you will use much less of it and majority of riders a gallon is likely to run them a year. For all the 2 stroke nay sayers claiming they are dead. How does the crow taste?

  7. Told ya’ Tom. 🙂

    They have been under rating their HP numbers for a while now.

    To those who thought the 2-stroke Cat 600 was gone and that C was nuts: Who’s nuts now?

  8. Glad to see a 2 stroke 600 back in Cat’s lineup!
    I like that it is simpler than the competitors DI engines, still batteryless?Hopeful that it will be as durable as the ol’ Suzuki 600 laydown. If so this design may be the tale of things to come for the next 800 as 14′ MY will be the last for the Suzuki engine.
    How about a little more tech info John, what kind of fuel pressures is this thing running? Dual pump system or like current setup?
    Why no crossover or mtn models with this engine?

  9. I agree that it would be great if there was a 600RR. You could actually race one of those in sanctioned competition. Not just put on a show like the big sleds. Those who can, do. Those who can’t, pretend they do.

  10. As Tom said, yes it has engine reverse.

    It requires C-TEC2 Syn oil because it uses WAY less oil than non-DSI engines (thus the quality needs to be improved). Bonus: the new oil has WAY better cold-starting characteristics. Like twice (or more) as easy.

    Yes, it’s a batteryless EFI system.

    Guys, this engine is wonderful to ride/run. I’m in love with it.

    Full-blown tech story on this in 1-2 days.

  11. Why build a RR version? Wouldn’t that take away from the race sled sales? They need to build a minimum of those anyway, this way they will sell them too. There is no way that this motor will outrun the current race sled, a great motor sure, but not anywhere close to a race motor, yet…………

    Polaris racer’s always liked the trail based sleds (RUSH) for cross country, but they don’t run many of them because they don’t have the power the race sled does. I would see the same with this machine.

  12. I don’t know how many race sleds were sold this year but, in 2012 they ran out (of SnoPro XC’s) as far as I knew. At least out here in the East, I think a 600 RR would be a great sled for someone who just wants to try racing. The SnoPro 500 doesn’t seem to have the following in the USCC East circuit. Check the results of the last race, there was a single entry in each 85 hp class and over 10 entries in Sport 600, the biggest class unfortunately. I’m just glad there is a consumer 600 class sled to give people an option. Bleeding green is great, I am just tired of doing it from the wallet!

  13. Jimr I expect you to buy at least one of the 600s since you have been waiting for it for so long. Be sure to complete a lengthy review once done.

  14. Rusty.. I was saying 600DI back in 2006 and expected to see it in the TWIN SPAR sleds…but that never came true. But now we have it !! And it looks very very well thought out.

    Maybe John can confirm this, but heard the “engineers” were touting 20+ mpg “cruising” and 15+ mpg riding “hard”. Oil use averaged 700 miles per tank (but don’t know what size the tank is… with the 65:1 ratio being the ratio at WOT…much much less at lower throttles and 100+:1 at idle. Another comment from the engineers was that they (CAT) “have the competition covered” (with mileage, oil use, AND HP !!!!) with this 600.

    As far as an RR model, I bet cat will release the 600 fully across the line up next season. Use this “limited” build release to make sure there aren’t any unforeseen hiccups then go all-out !!

    Anyone see an 8-DSI for 2015 ???? I do ! Look closely at the cross section of the cylinder walls….look pretty thick don’t they …. wink..wink…

  15. I could see a carb version of this motor making it into next years race sled? Oh yeah, 140 hp baby, hey maybe some twin pipes too, mmmmmmmm?

  16. People were “wanting one” and wondering “why” Cat hadn’t shown any interest in doing one and instead still ran the “dirty 600”.

    As far as one being “confirmed and coming to production” for certain, that started in early February 2011.
    And at every corner it seemed with the release of the “1100 twin” folks were always saying “no way will they (Cat) do that.”

    What I was sayin’. Wasn’t a “here, stick this in your pie-hole” type of post.

    I was saying we kept the faith and super early sources were 100% correct vs Nay-Sayers.


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