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Bobby Flame Talks About the 2012 Arctic Cats

Our freestylin’, ditch-banging and tail-standing hero Bobby Flame tells us a little bit about the 2012 Arctic Cats.

If you want to learn more about Bobby, CLICK HERE.



  1. I think I have a helmet to match that one somewhere in the garage….love the fish bowl visor !!!
    Nice look at the bare chassis. No more DD…but still using the DD secondary ?? Hope the shaft is the same as the older Cat reverse secondary or even the TEAM….

  2. Nice to see that cat finally got the glue how to make ditchbanging frame and riding position into 2012. Only 9 years later than doo, wohoo r&d!

  3. Ive watched this no less than 20 times and it gets funnier every time I see it. Cant wait to finally see all those new Cats! Its killin me with all these teasers!

  4. Interesting, back to chain drive. Wonder what excuse they are going to give us after pushing the DD down our throats on how good it was.

  5. This frame looks basically like a updated Firecat frame. Gotta be lighter weight then the twin spar. They should of made it in 07. Oh well, better late then never! Looks small for a Turbo 4 stroke though. Will know soon enough.

  6. Arctic Cat.. let me tell you about Marketing 101. The guy showing the chassis video is terrible! Embarrassing to your company. Guess what fell out? Go look at it, Arctic Cat!! Hahhaa! And that Carl!!? BAD! I did not like that character.

    It looks good however, I want to see the return of the classic names!! Like Panther, Pentera, Cougar, Lynx, Puma, Jag, ElTigre`, and even Saber. They are all cat names. Even you have not had 3 other cat names yet: Lion, Leopard, and Oclet yet!

    I dont like alphabet names. I only wanted the Z around that is it. If I am to buy a Cat, I will not buy one because of those names are not around.

    What is the matter with you Arctic Cat? I am disappointed ever since they dropped the Panther, the last true cat name. I am not a fan of Arctic Cat ever since they dropped the Panther! Sorry! Not a fan and never was a fan of any other brands. I have ridden for 42 years now. I guess I will have to buy old Cats, Deere, Rupp, Merc, etc.. They were the true snowmobiles!

  7. …I will take a 20 inch riser. Leaf springs, with trailering arms… Steel skis with wear bars on my 2012 Cat. Forget EFI… I want Walbro Carbs (just one please) matched with a Kohler, or a Fugi. With a side of cleats, just for kicks.

    I will call it “Sexy Time Panther”, just because it will be made with real bits of Panther.

    Stay classy, La’ Marco Falso. Whammy.

  8. LOL, what’s funniest is that “Bobby Flame” IS an AC Marketing guy.

    I dont care what anyone says, that is some funny ****! I have watched it like 30 times and still laugh my ass off every time.

    John, was that you cracking up in the background when the clutch fell off? LOL

  9. I get picked on by other brand riders for riding Cat, this sure helps the cause. Other brand riders laughing there ass off saying its a Cat, parts falling off.

  10. To quote the great Larry the Cable Guy….

    “Now, that’s funny, I don’t care who you are…. That’s funny!”

  11. Get grip boys. I say hats off to anyone or any brand that can poke a little fun at themselves. Bobby Flame is my idol… wonder if he likes chicken?


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