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Product Spotlight: Wildcat XX Bolt-Ons

I have two favorite online sources I buy Arctic Cat parts from…the first is Country Cat’s website and the second, Thomas Sno Sports. Im sure there are other great sources (Share them in the comments) but Im a creature of habit, and these two sources havent disappointed me.

Check out the newly revamped online store

I added some goodies to the 2020 Wildcat XX, and this time I thought Id test out Thomas Sno Sports newly revamped online site. I chose the Pickup in Store option as an excuse to visit the store.

2020 Wildcat XX with aluminum hardtop, rearview mirror, front and rear bumpers and side rails

I think the Wildcat XX is sexy in stock trim, but I wanted a bit more of a finished look, so I added Front and Rear textured black bumpers (PART#2436-430 and 2436-431), Textured Black Side Rails (PART#2436-435), Aluminum Hardtop (PART#2436-436), Half Windshield (PART#2436-433) and Rearview Mirror (PART# 2436-484)

As far as installation went, there really isn’t a whole lot to report here. Everything is bolt-on, so if you can operate socket wrenches, you’re in business. The factory directions were straight forward. Id guesstimate within an hour (A 2 Keurs Light Project and zero F Bombs dropped), I had everything unwrapped and bolted on.

Pro Tip - Multi-Purpose Weather Stripping can reduce any vibrations when bolting metal-to-metal parts like the hardtop roof. 

SEMI-PRO Installation Tip: My old buddy Dean Bulloch from D&P Performance taught me this one years ago when building all his Wildcat race units. To reduce any chances of annoying rattles and squeeks from bolting metal parts to metal parts, apply some form of multi-purpose weather stripping between the contact points. I purchased this rubber tape from Menards and use it like Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. (I put that Sh*t on everything)

So before installing the aluminum hardtop, I applied this around the base of the roof kit in the areas where the roof would be touching the ROPS. Works like a charm.


Half Windshield –  I dont recommend attempting this for safety reasons, but as a test after installing, I drove the XX without a helmet on, and no windshield, then repeated after adding the windshield. There is a noticeable difference in air movement with and without the windshield to your face and body. There are Pros and Cons to this. Positively, your helmet will be shielded from debris, and the air movement away from your helmet will reduce driving fatigue.

The Con to this, is there is less air movement to your body, and the cab, which equates to warmer in-cab temperatures. Its definitely not scorching, but its enough to make a guy switch from Gold Bond Yellow, and jump straight to Green. The warmth in cab is welcome during our 50-60 degree Fall temps in MN, but not as welcome when its 90 and humid.

This shouldn’t be a detractant for anyone to purchase the half-windshield because it is a great piece. The good news is, it can be installed and removed in a matter of minutes based on the time of year and/or your preferences.

Rearview Mirror – The cheapest addition to a Wildcat XX, is probably one of the best bangs for the buck – the rearview mirror. The Wildcat XX cockpit provides a low center of gravity, “Ride-In” comfort for the driver, but you’ll quickly notice its difficult to see behind you when backing up. The addition of the rearview mirror is heavenly, cheap, and installs easily with the aluminum hardtop. Thank me later. 



  1. Nice lookin rig Kale! Someday soon Id like to upgrade my old Prowler to something sportier. The 650 H1 is getting a little long in the tooth.

  2. Country Cat is pretty incredible for parts inventory. They saved my bacon when I needed skis last year for my 12 Procross. Cudos to Thomas Sno Sports site. Looks nice. I love their collection of Arctic Cat history.

  3. Ive experienced the same heat with our 2018 Wildcat XX. Like you say, its not the end of the world, but sometimes during the heat of our Arkansas summer, its the defining factor whether we want sweaty backs and asses, or just sit home in the conditioned air.

  4. Hello Kale,
    Great choices – and 2nd the parts groups. I find my local dealer is very helpful sourcing parts and ordered from Country Cat multiple times as well. For sake of your topic – easy bolt ons; I would also recommend:

    No Tools Needed: The spare tire and holder was smart decision AC did. Aftermarket equipment, I recommend the Pelican R60 case. It fits the XX glove box perfectly, has rubberized sides so no rattle.

    Hand Tools: Fire Extinguisher is a decent add – I mounted mine to the tube/bar below the driver seat instead of hanging off the back. I day trip with my machine, I did not want someone simply to pluck it from the rear bar while I was in a restaurant. I chose Roque Powersports window screens all the way around – sort to darkens the cabin from glaring sun. Since I do use the machine to travel to different counties, I recommend a motorcycle product Scorpio Alarms ( with their perimeter sensor. It is quite small in size and uses just three wires, battery pos and neg and a lead to 12V switched. The XX is pre-wired and labelled with four extra leads – I connected a 2-way 12” flat trailer connector from Ace Hardware to the 12V switched connector found by the fuse box between the seats and mounted everything behind that battery/fuse cover between the seats. The perimeter sensor works through the plastic cover.

    Bigger Job: I do recommend for durability to add a bushing to the driver side steering box. You can either buy just the bushing from Speedwerx or a kit like Speed SxS with a bracket. Do this on a rainy weekend due to time involved. I tapped it in with socket and hammer but does take effort and you feel unnerving doing it. Helpful tip – remove the steering column bolt at the steering box completely to remove the box. I simply loosened it and lost ½ hour trying to get the box out. Since you remove the steering rods for this – I replaced them with aftermarket items (and kept the stock ones for backup).

    I just ordered from SeaDek website a sheet of marine brushed black closed cell EVA material that I plan to stick portions on the panel behind the seats to reduce noise and heat. It comes backed with 3M adhesive and is the stuff you see stuck on boat decks.

    Part of the fun is making the machine somewhat your own. Thanks for adding.


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