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Make sure to stop here on Tuesday, December 6th as Arctic Cat will be releasing new info on the CATALYST snowmobile platform. Hooray! I suspect we’ll get some broad insight on CATALYST’s all-new centralized design, a look at where weight has been shaved without sacrificing durability, ergonomic, styling and maneuverability improvements, and a deeper look at the suspension systems in both the Trail and Mountain models. Have a great weekend! – Kale

Here are a couple more ArcticInsider CATALYST story links you may have missed:


To date, this is our best look under the bodywork of the new CATALYST platform. Access to the engine bay is easier than ever and well thought out.


You’ll enjoy this interview with Zach Herfindahl as he pushes the new ZR RXC CATALYST platform during testing. Anyone notice the high windshield? (Very nice!)


Arctic Cat released a few new color combos including this striking Black/Medium Green and Dark Metallic Blue ZR 600 137. If the metallic is anything like the 2023 Black Metallic on the Thundercat, this ZR buggy should look amazing in the sun!



  1. I wonder if it’s just a coincidence that this updated information is being released at the same time the race sleds go on line at the factory. The fact that no information has been released about the new snocross sleds yet, would lead us to believe that there’s a possibility that they could still build the snocross race sleds on the Catalyst platform, as long as they could meet minimum numbers for a stock race sled. This is the way Cat did it back in the early days of the sno pro race sleds by putting a new platform on the track first to create even more excitement. Let’s go Cat, put your money where your mouth is, and get the new platform on the track first before releasing it to consumers.

    • I like that scenario Jim W, but Id be shocked if it happened. Let me ask you this: Lets say AC builds a SX sled on the CATALYST platform next week…If a unit or two are raced (snocross) by a team and had mediocre results or broke stuff, would that taint your purchase decision or would you write it off as its badass to see Arctic Cat out there “testing” before you buy? I fall into the latter category, I like to see racing used for accelerated testing despite the results. Id probably rather see it test run during cross country since its a bit more relatable to trail riding. That’s why I love Zach’s testing story above…If Herf likes it, chances are, my less than mediocre riding talent will too! 🙂

      • I wish they would have made the last chassis like the snocross sled. My SnoPro500 was and is still my hands down favorite sled to ride. Was more responsive and comfortable to ride standing up. Just needed a little more trail friendly suspension valving which i did change. easiest sled I’ve ever jumped also. almost telepathic lol

        • SX sled is really no different than the current Procross, minus the tunnel and it also has larger hardware. Steering system is slightly different. Just because the plastics are different, doesn’t mean it’s an entirely new machine, no matter what Poo and doo say.

  2. Kale, Thanks for a quick response. But the way I see it, is that you get that new chassis out there and have Cats best racers pound on that machine. Have the best mechanics and engineers there to check out the machines after every heat race. That way the strong points and the weak points of the sled will be evident after a weekend of racing. That way the engineers would be able to make updates on the fly. I know to some it would seem risky, but no better way to enhance preseason sales on the consumer side in Feb. 23. When Kirk Hibbert and Greg Spaulding were around, that’s the way it was done. Then the next year, the sled was released to the consumer. No better way to raise the excitement about a new sled if you have the confidence it’s going to work. Those early sno pro days were not always easy, but there were a lot of hardcore Cat guys out there that would take a brand new chassis right off the line and go beat the hell out of it every weekend. Those racers worked with Cat on a weekly basis regarding the weak points and updates that were needed to make the machine more capable.

  3. Very good point jim W I was at Duluth December 1, 2002 when Blair Morgan came out the trailer with the first prototype ski Doo rev. My jaw almost hit the ground and with Blair Morgan on the all new rider forward ski Doo he was a force to be reckoned with and well you know what happened after that! It pushed Skidoo all the way to first place that was so game changing. I’m hoping the catalyst will do that for us!

  4. I agree they should use the new chassis this year in snow cross. Always got me excited for new sled watching it race and be tested. I think it makes good marketing for them and snow cross. I would be more tempted to watch to see how new chassis is doing and progressing.

  5. 7000? Sounds like you might have to buy a blue or red one. I sure hope Cat doesn’t give Yamaha the catalyst chassis too??!!they give them everything else!time for divorce.!!!

  6. why do the catalyst new sleds look like a ski-doo?
    when I see the pictures of the new arctic cat sleds they look like a ski-doo,
    is it only me? why is that?

  7. It’s Arctic Cat Time. The Boys at R & R Motorsports in Hazelhurst, WI are excited! I am doing a road trip to Cumberland, WI to Louie’s Finer Meats to pick up jerky for the upcoming season! It is makin’ ice up in Minocqua. Here is to a great 2022-2023 riding season. Be safe and have fun!

  8. I’m wondering what other engines will be coming in the platform by the time production starts ??
    600 is fine but it’s not we’re the majority of sledders gravitate to !!
    Will they come out with a all new 900 2 stroke and what about the 998 turbo will it fit or will Yamaha still produce that engine for cat ?

  9. Looks like a Doo, bet it rides like a snopro 500…not comfortable sitting on the gas tank and low foam and trail riding (I used my brother’s back in the day when my sled was in the shop) combined with little to no wind coverage like the current chassis, without spending more money for added coverage, and having to add hand guards. Unfortunately they’re not gonna make a sled that is comfortable with good wind protection for any new rider because it’s all about styling, i get where the marketing is at but ….Oh I forgot the smaller heat exchanger considering the current chassis already needs ice scratchers for low snow which is very common anymore. I’d like a new twin spar 800 back, At the end of the day you’re only gonna perfect a snowmobile so far then it’s the same old same old You can’t reinvent the Snowmobile. That’s go for all brands


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