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ERX Grassroots Snocross Begins

Racing under the lights

Fun. Cheap. Entertaining. New and vintage. Lots of track time. Family atmosphere.

Just some of the words to describe the ERX Grassroots Snocross Series, which begins this Thursday in Elk River, Minn.


Two racing for the price of one!

Not getting enough quality-time with your friends or spouse because all you do and/or think about is racing? At ERX you can combine both and enjoy the most fun you’ll ever have while multi-tasking.


Kids running race during intermission

Plenty of fun during intermission, where throngs of kids race each other on foot to win the night’s special prize. ArcticInsider might donate a case of Monster Energy for this week’s race.


Late-model racing at ERX

The late-model class provides an opportunity to showcase the amazing ride quality of early-to-mid-90s ZRs. Lots of riders/racers have less than $1,000 sleds that they’re not afraid to ride, and the action is reminiscent of Kirk Hibbert, Brad Pake and Jack Struthers circa 1994.


Evil at ERX?

Forget about “Hear no Evil, see no Evil.” The Knievel is always at ERX, because wearing special costumes gets you a thunderous ovation from the crowd, and a Pat on the back from the dork wearing the coyote on his head.


Track layout for 2010-11

Racing at ERX

The track layout at ERX is WAY more tame than the national tracks you see on TV. Plenty of grooming keeps things nice, managable and fun.

What else?

Well, there are open practice sessions Tues. through Thurs., plus select Saturdays; Learn-to-Ride snocross clinics for those who are just getting started; plus ISOC Regional events.

Last year I brought my son to spectate at one of the races, and it was a blast. Lots to be entertained by, cheap ($10 bucks for adults, FREE for kids 12-and-under), on-site concessions; and a low-key vibe that’s ideal for this kind of stuff.

Click HERE for more info.



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