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The Feature photo shows a bonus shot of the Riot 8000 finishing up and the transition to the 2022 ZR8000 Limited

As often as I can, I love to introduce the faces (employees) of Arctic Cat. Below is Nathan Hesse, a Lead in the Welding Department. The Hesse family has a long history with the company, and that is why this photo is special to me. Nathan’s grandfather, Vince Hesse, ran the assembly line for many years and Nathan’s father and Uncle have worked at Arctic Cat for 30+yrs. Hope you enjoy this Factory Friday – Kale



  1. Anxiously waiting for my TCAT with EPS & ATAC. No idea when I am getting it. Any update on when the TCAT’s will be built and shipped out.

  2. Awesome photo, really cool seeing the two different machines coming down the line. Kale, do you know how many sleds they put out in one day? Really was hoping to see some tcats.

  3. Kale, any idea what parts there waiting on for tcats? I’ve been told they have 98.9 percent of what they need. Just curious what the hold up parts are.

    • Im really not sure what the hold-up parts are, but I have heard the same thing about all sleds…the vast majority of parts are there. Its frustrating, but at least AC isn’t shipping sleds without parts, only to sit at dealer unable to be picked up.

  4. Slightly (very) off-topic but did anybody watch the video on technological innovation and marketshare that was posted on the Supertrax website earlier this week?

    Cat (and by default Yamaha) were an afterthought both in the context of innovation and marketshare.
    Even if the assessment is slightly biased, perception is everything in the marketplace, and if a company is perceived to be an also-ran by the consumer, then long-term prospects can be bleak.

    Yeah, I know that Cat has a rabid fan base, but in order to be successful, the company has to expand its presence / marketshare in the industry and I don’t see that happening (increasing defections from the rabid fan base to the Dominant Two).

  5. I feel for you guys waiting on your T-cats. Hope they show soon. My T-cat is nothing but a complete and total joy. Only 400 on it but for once CAT delivered. Power steering awesome. It feels like it should across the speed board. ATAC once you get the feel for putting it in that mode, with your glove on. Yes, you will use it. Not like the QS3 just not stiffer/ or harder. Trail manners unbelievable. She’s not broke in but WOW, from the few seconds of easy pulls, Holy sheep. Alot of gray hair in my helmet, so I do alot of cruising and being in the moment on an early morning groomed trail. Quiet, smooth, and easy handling. CAT for once you get a, THAT A BOY, from Retro Randy.

    • Thanks for sharing your review Randy. It’s my opinion, the Thundercat with EPS and ATAC is the Best TRAIL snowmobile built, for all reasons you mention. You can log some serious miles on this buggy, very comfortably, and in quick fashion.


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