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Factory Friday: We Don’t Know – But Here’s Some Stuff

Ive failed you for Factory Friday. Ive got nothin. The Blue Sleds are still on the snow line, and there are things on the dirt line I cant share just yet, so here we are…

Ive been looking for a Wildcat XX, and I gotta tell you, they’ve been harder to find than a black cat in a coal cellar!

Between the COVID sales surge at powersport dealers, and Green Tag Sales Event, its been tough. Everyone wants to be outside and are buying units. That’s not a terrible thing.

Thomas Sno Sports did find the proverbial Black Cat though, and its a beauty! Ill log some miles on it this weekend and give you some initial thoughts next week.   

The new ArcticInsider 2020 Wildcat XX

When we picked it up, Tom knew I have an affinity for collecting Jeep toys. He added something to the Wildcat XX bed so I could tell people the XX hauls more than just ass. 

When you need to haul a little bit more than Ass in the Wildcat XX...

Like vintage Arctic Cat snowmobiles, these Jeep Toys just seem to find me and follow me home.

Someday this growing collection will be my kids problem. They’re thrilled now, but probably not so much when they grow up. These things follow me home like vintage El Tigres…

Have a great weekend! If you’re looking for offroad units, hoping you get lucky like I did. Green Tag Sales has been extended through July.



  1. Ive got a 2018 Wildcat XX. Love that thing! Had a water pump failure right out of the gates, but got it replaced and no problems since. My wife and I have a hair over 3,500 miles on it now. You’re going to need a hitch and trailer to haul that toy collection. LOL

  2. Kale, Why can’t dealers get new inventory? I know a couple dealers who cannot for the life of them get product or parts? Is is a supply chain issue outside of the U.S? This is a problem, and a sad problem at that. Going to be a long winter for those who can’t get what they need!

  3. I Bleed Green! – I can’t speak for last winter’s parts shortage, that’s a true mystery. If I were a betting person, there’s two reasons for current lack of inventory (dirt)…

    1. COVID. The best sales and marketing campaigns in powersport history couldn’t have matched the effectiveness of the COVID sales surge for dealers (any brand). For years Ive heard the question asked, “How do we get more people into powersports?” Who would have thought a “Pandemic” would have been the answer? Not me.

    Its amazing how much family time is freed up when you don’t have kids sports or events to go to, No Pro sports on TV or in-person, no gyms to work out at, combined with other event cancellations. There’s not much left to do but enjoy the outdoors together…Hooray!

    As a result, ATVs, UTVs, dirt bikes, boats, PWC, campers and trailers to haul all that stuff got bought up, quick. And owners with those products already, brought them into dealers for tune-ups and repairs so they could enjoy again. There goes your current and non-current inventory, plus your parts surplus…Poof!

    The downside of that sales surge is the fact its difficult to get replacement inventory as you mentioned. Parts suppliers and OEMs were forced to shutdown and couldn’t produce units in march/April, so now they are all backpedaling trying to keep up to demand.

    2. Inventory and Sales Offers – Going into this spring/summer selling season, there was a fair amount of non-current inventory in dealers…because of it, some dealers ordered light for new model 2020s…About the time COVID hit, Arctic Cat launched the Green Tag Sales Event with some attractive offers on non-currents to try and lighten the dealer channel. Combine everything with what I said above due to COVID, and here we are.

    So, what’s the answer for dealers? My only suggestion is they work closely with their rep to find dirt product.

  4. As a dealer I wish Cat would tell us more of what is going on! If it wasn’t for covid, I would have been on a plane to go and talk some sense into the guys in georgia! They don’t know what dealers really need, trails gone, xx gone, turbo 4 seater sport machine “don’t see a market for that”

  5. Kenny – I heard there was a dealer webinar sometime last week and quite a few questions were addressed about current situations and the future. As a dealer, Id assume you were on that?

  6. Hey kale, just a thought for a future story. Tucker Hibbert has been pretty much non existent since snow cross retirement. Any chance you could get an interview with him. I’d be curious to know what he’s been doing, if he works somewhere? Thanks

  7. I’d like to know when the new stuff is coming out on the dirt side. I’m in the market for a side x side or a new ATV to replace my 2005 650 V2. Been thinking about getting a Ranger or a Havoc X. I like the look of the prowler and the quietness of it but also want to use it for recreation so the 50 horse motor and lack of speed is a bit of a draw back. I know you cant say what’s coming but can you at least give us a time frame on when the details of any new machines might be released?

  8. Jason – Ill see what I can do about a Tucker interview. Id like to get a longterm review on his white New Balance retirement shoes.

    Bulldog – Here’s my pure speculation – Ive heard there will be a 2021 model launch this Fall. Due to this COVID non-sense, and engineers sitting idle, I have a feeling Arctic Cat and other OEMs, won’t have a whole lot to offer in terms of new models. Development has been delayed for several months because of shutdowns.


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