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Factory Friday: What a Blast!!

Personally, its been awesome getting emails and seeing excited comments from those of you who ordered a new 2021 Riot, Thundercat or RR, but Im terribly excited to see the all-new right-sized Blast on the production line in Thief River Falls, MN this week! Below is a the LT sport-utility version that was on the line.

The 2021 Blast LT is rolling off the line in Thief River Falls, MN

I ordered a ZR Blast in green, and cant wait to pick it up. Truly, my time spent with the ZR Blast last winter was the most fun Ive had on a snowmobile, and hope I feel the same way this season. If you are interested in the Blast, and care to read some of my initial impressions from last season, CLICK on the link HERE.

Last winter I got to spend a fair amount of time riding all the Blast models. At 6'4" and built like a Samsquanch, the Right-Sized Blast fits nicely.

Enjoy the Blast LT photo and have a great weekend!



  1. Riding the Blast ZR reminded me of snowmobiling in the 70’s, because they feel so light and nimble. It was a lot of fun, and could keep up with the big sleds on the trails where I rode it. There was one guy older than me in our group, and after getting off the Blast, he couldn’t stop smiling. The ride and handling are on par with new sleds, no doubt, but the fun factor is straight out of the 70’s. They’re the Miata of snowmobiles, imo.


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