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Factory Friday: What’s on the Lines?

This pair of Vmax models were captured grazing while sent to pasture at Thomas Sno Sports

I don’t have an Arctic Cat snowmobiles line photo to share with you this week since Yamaha was in their place. As a youngster, when Yamaha launched the Vmax, they had my full attention and imagination. I think they still look pretty mean and sexual.

I captured this pair of Vmax models in the lot behind Thomas Sno Sports. If memory serves me correctly, these were waiting to be shipped to Sweden.

Arctic Cat Offroad Wildcat Trail Limited models rollin down the line

I made reference on this website and AI social pages this week that it was great to see the employee parking lot full of cars, which meant the snow and dirt lines were running. Above and Below are photos of the Wildcat Trail Limited models they were working on. 

Another side profile of the Wildcat Trail Limited

I hope you had a great week! Enjoy these photos and check out the TRF Trip Story.



  1. I agree. The Vmax and SRX in those mid 80s stylings were pretty mean looking. I also liked the 87 Exciters when launched.

  2. I struggle with same thoughts Glad2BGone but when it comes to dirt products I really don’t care. My 570 4×4 gets me from point A to B and back and gets stuff done. Think of Honda. Same damn ATVs for ages and bulletproof. Thats not a bad thing IMO. I would like to see a new chassis and styling on full-size sleds though.

  3. All those 80’s yamahas were hot looking especially those vmax’s. But seem to recall they were not the most reliable.

  4. I have a 2014 Trail that has been 99% trouble free since the day I brought it home. My only glitch ever was a spark plug wire coming out of the coil. I had a RZR – once. It was my first and last. This box isn’t big enough to write all the stuff I fixed on that. I’m glad to see they’re leaving the Trail alone. Why mess with a good thing? So it doesn’t have the latest bells and whistles. Super-cool bells and whistles don’t mean squat when you’re setting broke down in the middle of no place. I’ll pick reliability over performance any day.

  5. Hey Kale,

    Glad to see some dirt stuff on the line. I’m in the market for a sport utility hybrid like the Havoc (might just go all in on an XX…) and can’t find them anywhere in Michigan! Is this due to coronavirus production delays or general production being scaled back? Some other reason?

  6. Premium – I can’t speak for ALL dealers, but Im hearing from quite a few in MN, WI and MI that units (ATV/UTV/PWC/Dirtbikes/Campers etc) are selling like crazy due to COVID-19. No surprise, people want to be outdoors, and with families not being able to attend sport and school functions, there’s nothing to do but be outdoors! Hooray! That may be one reason you aren’t seeing XX or Havoc models…the other reason, may be what you mentioned…shipping delays due to factory shutdown. If you let me know what part of MI you are in, I can ask around for Havoc or XX.

  7. Premium – Looks like Nelsons Speed Shop in Greenville has a couple XX models. May want to start there and see if they can get you a Havoc? My guess is, they could.

  8. Bob’s Arctic Cat in Milan Mi had a 2020 Red/White XX last checked. I ordered a 2019 White XX, AC cancelled the order to build Trackers. I had to wait a year to order the 2020 – glad it happened as prefer to have Arctic Cat on machine. I called AC after the cancel of trail – stated 50″ is still desired size – my only recommendation is build a St. Cloud engine for it instead.


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