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Factory Friday – Engines Are a Hot Topic

Jim Zimmerman is building a SnoPro with 1100 triple prototype engine that never saw production in 2003

Sorry, but not sorry for lack of content on the website this week. I try to spread the love between the website and social channels. And this week, All the action happened on the ArcticInsider Facebook page.

The hot topic was prototype engines. If you get a chance, check out Jim Dimmerman’s SnoPro he’s building with a prototype 1100 triple engine. 

998 turbos are loading on the line. The 2021 Thundercat build is coming soon!

Speaking of high horse engines…it appears the Thundercat build will be happening soon! The line is loading with 998 engines now. Hooray!

On the Dirt line, Wildcat Trail Limited models in orange are steadily rolling off the line. From the dealers I have talked to, these Trail models have sold as quick as they are getting them in the door. Everyone wants to be outdoors thanks to COVID-19. That’s positive!

Wildcat Trail Limiteds on the line

Im kind of digging the orange on this Wildcat Trail

Enjoy the photos, and enjoy your weekend!



  1. Thats cool see Jim setting up that 03 prototype triple!
    Hope to see the finished product in action!
    I don’t do facebook, haha

    What kind of H.P. was arctic cat looking to get out of that mill. ? If it was gonna make it to the production line and consumers.
    Sad to see the tcat discontinued in 03

    Also nice to see the 4strke. Version tcat motor still in production
    I have the same motor in my 18 xf 9000 CC
    And absolutely love motor and the sled!!!
    Keep up the good work Kale!
    Also miss u John!

  2. Thinking Dimmerman needs to sell a SnoPro roller package for those of us who want to drop a triple engine in. Damn thats cool.

  3. Jim? Is that SnoPro going to be a trail version, or set up for roundy-round? It would be quite the experience to have that fly by you on the trail. LOL! Will you have it at Ride with the Champs?

  4. Happy to see Arctic Cat is replenishing dealer inventory. Certain units in Wisconsin like those Trails, are what you say. Hard to find. Im not a snowmobile guy anymore, but I do remember the 70s and 80s when those Sno Pros would be the talk of Wisconsin at Eagle River. I prefer cruising the trails now in warm temperatures and a cooler full of cold beverages. Keep up the good work Arctic Cat.

  5. Seeing Jeremy Houle’s Wildcat race team announcement, and then Dimmerman’s 1100 triple reminds me of the Speedwerx 800 2stroke Wildcat. I remember that video at some ride park. Was awesome! Maybe Cat should put an 1100 triple two stroke in a XX? Move Over! Cat coming through!

  6. Hey is there a closed course sled speed record? What’s the lap record at Eagle River? I got a Yamaha buddy who says the 4 cyl Vmax sled that Tim Bender ran was so fast he got asked to not bring it back the next year, after its final incarnation. Supposed to have the ultimate lap record. You think this 1100 might go for the record?

  7. Hi guys and thanks for your interest. It’s a long story about how this project sled evolved but the short version is yes I’m going to lap it at Eagle during the Ride With the Champs hopefully this Feb. It is not any sort of a Champ sled.I will drive it as fast as I’m comfortable.. I used 95% of production parts to build this. It is for exhibition only. My secondary goal is to make a speed run. The engine is totally stock as it was originally prototype designed by Greg Spaulding.Greg drew me up some pipe specs and Tony Long rolled and fitted them for me. With the pipes on it, it should produce in the low 200’s hp..Jim


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