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The Gripper… A New Breed of Arctic Cat Track for 1975

I’m not sure what I love more… the fact that Arctic Cat highlighted its TRACK for a 1975 television commercial, or the cozy, hardware-store-meets-book-store setting they created for it.

Either way, I hope you also enjoy this step back in time.

A more detailed explanation of the track below:

1975 Arctic Cat snowmobile print ad: New Breed of track



  1. Ahh yes… the good ole days when the neighborhood mom and pop dealers were still allowed to do business and the 2/3 cleated track ruled the trail.

  2. It definitely reminds me of simpler times. I remember my grandfathers Panthers with the gripper track.
    The old Ace Hardware/Arctic Cat dealership.
    It also looks like the backround of a couple of those big Arctic Cat collections.
    Now that I think about it the Arctic Cat dealer in Summit Lake Wi. was also a full service gas station when I was a kid. But it was not as immaculate as ‘The Gripper’ now take a look at this hood, ever seen anything like that? Classic!

  3. nice classic commercial,
    when i was a young boy i would always look for/at sled tracks and
    was amazed at the track marks left behind!
    they were like machines that were made for leaving tracks in the snow!
    and each one had it’s own unique design!
    especially cat with the flying “A”!
    thanks John.

  4. When I was a lad (before the days of organized trails) I could walk the fields near our house and ID the sled track by brand, depending on the location of the drive holes, pattern of the track, etc. I don’t think I could remember any of that today.

  5. John, any “Mr. Right & Mr. Wrong” videos laying around that you can scrounge up? I’m sure Nelson knows where the stash is….


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