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Grass Cat: Cal Talks el tigre

A few laps around the yard on the ’81 Arctic Cat el tigre 5000 was enough for my son, Cal, to give some good feedback about the additional tuning needs to be done.



  1. Yep, Nick, that’s the tiger I bought from Adam. Haven’t done anything to it other than buy some parts that it needs. The actual wrenching will come later. KDub… Cal doesn’t know this, but he’ll have to wrestle me for it on the WOBLE.

  2. Whats wrong with wearing Arctic Cat jerseys while Mtn Biking? It bothers me more that some people ride Mtn bikes with broken helmets.

  3. I hand built one of those back in 1988…from salvage at Arctic Cat. I put ’88 Jag rear suspension, skis & leaf springs on it. What a difference in handling, ride and look! LOL. Also put a new rubber track on, (mounted backwards for better take off.) And I put ’86 El Tigre clutching in it. Thing ripped. Awesome holeshot on that 500 cc free air!

  4. Wow brings back memories for sure,I had a 79 5000 I drag raced it a couple seasons during the wsrf days.Very competitive!FUN TIMES!


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